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A Steamy Werewolf Romance Unveiled in ‘My Animal’ Trailer Starring Amandla Stenberg

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My Animal


Amandla Stenberg is set to star in the new film “My Animal,” which attempts to reshape the way werewolf films are viewed, artfully merging elements of horror and taboo romance in a mesmerizingly original fashion. The trailer provides a glimpse into the life of Heather, a marginalized character who falls in love with a newcomer named Jonny, a relationship that only adds to her struggle within a domineering community, haunted by a family curse. The film delves into somber subjects such as sexuality, alcoholism, and the werewolf curse, teasing an alluring and gruesome delight for horror enthusiasts, with its scheduled release on September 8, 2023.

Werewolf movies stand apart as a distinctive sub-genre within the horror category, particularly because they aren’t produced as frequently as vampire or zombie films. When a new werewolf story does emerge, it’s a hit-or-miss scenario, akin to a 50/50 chance with a silver bullet in darkness. Nevertheless, Stenberg’s “My Animal” aims to alter this status quo, and the fresh trailer reveals a hot romantic angle to the film. It features Heather (played by Bobbi Salvör Menuez), a town misfit with aspirations to play hockey, who is rejected by her local team. Her life grows more tangled when she falls for Jonny (Stenberg), a new girl in town, exacerbating her difficulties in an already oppressive community.

Complicating matters further are her daily struggles with her sexuality, an alcoholic mother, and a family curse that turns her into a werewolf every full moon. Directed by newcomer Jacqueline Castal, the trailer conveys a fusion of neo-noir gothic frenzy that fully leverages its R-rating. While “My Animal” isn’t the first to employ the legendary werewolf in an exploration of sex and sexuality, it weaves these themes into a bone-chilling coming-of-age narrative that blends horror and forbidden love in a truly inventive manner. Another captivating aspect of this nightmarish werewolf tale is Stenberg’s performance, who has previously impressed audiences in “The Hate U Give” and the excellent horror-comedy “Bodies Bodies Bodies.” With “My Animal” addressing many profound themes, Stenberg’s interpretation of the role alongside Menuez will be something to watch.

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Release Information for ‘My Animal’

Werewolf films like “The Wolf Man,” “An American Werewolf in London,” “The Howling,” and “Dog Soldiers” have left an indelible mark on horror cinema. However, it’s been a while since a film within this sub-genre has truly captivated horror fans. “My Animal” promises to change this trend. The trailer hints at an alluring and blood-soaked spectacle.

“My Animal” is slated to hit select theaters on September 8, 2023, before clawing its way to Video On Demand (VOD) on September 15. The trailer is available for viewing below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about My Animal

Who is the main star of “My Animal”?

Amandla Stenberg is the main star of the film “My Animal.”

What is the film “My Animal” about?

The film blends elements of horror and forbidden romance, focusing on a character named Heather, who falls in love with a new girl named Jonny, while grappling with issues like sexuality, alcoholism, and a family werewolf curse.

When is “My Animal” being released?

“My Animal” will be released in select theaters on September 8, 2023, and will be available on Video On Demand (VOD) on September 15, 2023.

Who directs “My Animal”?

Jacqueline Castal is the director of “My Animal.”

Is “My Animal” a traditional werewolf movie?

No, “My Animal” seeks to redefine the perception of werewolf films by merging horror with steamy romance and dark themes, providing a fresh take on the genre.

What other actors are in “My Animal”?

Bobbi Salvör Menuez plays a key role in the film as Heather, an outcast who falls in love with Jonny (Stenberg).

Where can I watch the trailer for “My Animal”?

The trailer for “My Animal” can be viewed down below, likely on the movie’s official website or other video-sharing platforms.

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