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A True Love Story, Unfolding in Quarantine: Watch the Trailer for ‘Longest Third Date’

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Matt Robertson and Khani Le are a famous couple who had an exciting experience when the COVID-19 pandemic started. Before the pandemic, Matt and Khani were just regular people going out on dates. But because of the global lockdown, their usual date night ended up lasting for months! Their story was so incredible that it got a lot of media attention. And now Netflix is turning their story into a documentary for everyone to see.

Matt and Khani found each other on Hinge, a popular online dating app. They had such a great first two dates together that they decided to take their relationship to the next level by going on an exciting weekend getaway to Costa Rica. This was March of 2020, when people had no idea how bad the COVID pandemic would become across the globe. Little did they know that by taking this trip, they’d soon be stuck in a hotel with no way back home! Everywhere began shutting down, so their flight got cancelled too and it became impossible for them to find another one.

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A documentary about Matt and Khani will be released soon, and it showcases all the footage from their 79-day trip captured through their smartphones. The couple tell us what it felt like to go through such a pressure-filled situation, and how they managed to make it through in the end. Although it seemed like a good thing that the pandemic had forced them closer together, Matt and Khani still worried sometimes during the journey.

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“A Stuck-in-Paradise Third Date

The movie you’ll be watching on Netflix starting April 18 was made by ITV America with the help of Civilian 7 Entertainment. It was directed by Brent Hodge, a famous documentary director, and produced by Jordana Hochman, Sarah Howell, Eric Hoberman, Jon Katz, Brent Hodge, Stephen Ruddy, Darin Friedmann, and Mike Ang. Watch the trailer to find out more about ‘Longest Third Date’, coming soon to Netflix!

Matt and Khani found each other on the dating app called Hinge, they liked each other a lot and decided to take a spontaneous trip to Costa Rica for their third date. Unfortunately, when they arrived in March 2020, they ended up stuck there due to the world going into lockdown. They were then forced to stay in paradise together, which became the ultimate challenge of how well they could get along with each other.

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