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All You Need to Know About ‘Magazine Dreams’: Jonathan Majors’ Sundance Darling Sets December Release Date

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Searchlight has announced that the bodybuilding drama film Magazine Dreams, starring Jonathan Majors and written and directed by Elijah Bynum, will be released in theaters on December 8. It’s his follow-up to 2017’s Hot Summer Nights! Majors plays a bodybuilder who wants to become famous but is having trouble connecting with other people as he works towards becoming successful.

Killian Maddox, played by Majors, really wants to be a famous star and he doesn’t care about the harm he might cause to his body. This movie is about fame and violence, it shows how a person will go to any lengths for acceptance and appreciation. Killian is trying really hard to become perfect so that everyone can notice him, but this puts a lot of pressure on himself. The movie debuted at Sundance with many great reviews and people said Majors did an amazing job in this film.

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Magazine Dreams stars Taylour Paige, Haley Bennett, Mike O’Hearn, Harrison Page and Harriet Sansom Harris. During Sundance 2019 the actors were interviewed by FilmSweep with the main actor, Majors, explaining his connection to Killian Maddox’s character and how this story is about a group of people who have been rejected by society. Majors said that he found something relatable in them as he too had faced many of these rejections at various stages in life.

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The movie Magazine Dreams was a hit at Sundance, and won the U.S. Special Dramatic Jury Award! People were so impressed with it, especially Michael Bynum for creating such an intense movie. Four companies – Neon, Sony Pictures Classics, HBO, and Searchlight – competed for the rights to get this movie released – and Searchlight eventually won out! The main star of Magazine Dreams is Laurence Majors who has starred in two really popular films this year: Creed III and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Together, they’ve made over $650 million dollars worldwide with Laurence often taking center stage whenever he’s on screen!

Go watch the new movie, Magazine Dreams, starring Majors in theaters on December 8! There’s also a full interview about it available on FilmSweep, so check that out too.

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