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‘Aporia’ Writer/Director Jared Moshé Breaks Down the Rules of Time Travel

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Jared Moshé’s science fiction film, Aporia, casts Judy Greer as Sophie, a woman plunged into a complex dilemma of whether to alter her painful past or accept her present. After a tragic loss, she gains access to a time machine with devastating potential consequences. Unlike many time-travel narratives, Aporia aims to simplify the concept, with the director himself outlining three clear rules: the machine’s sole ability to kill, the impossibility of reversing death, and the fact that using the machine leaves memories of the original reality intact.

Moshé recently divulged the intricate details of the film’s time-travel concept during an interview with Emily Bernard of FilmSweep. He emphasized the importance of sticking to the established rules, saying, “These became the touchstones for the movie, and honestly, I was kind of figuring out how, as I was working with my characters, how they would navigate those rules. I never really went back, like, ‘I gotta tweak this rule, I gotta change this rule,’ or, ‘I gotta make this different.’ I was like, ‘No, these are the rules, and gotta live by them.'”

The film’s plot revolves around the aftermath of Sophie’s husband Mal’s (Edi Gathegi) death in an accident, leaving her grappling with grief, motherhood, and a life-altering decision. Presented with a time machine by a physicist, she must weigh the costs of changing history against the needs of her family. Ultimately, her commitment to her daughter takes precedence over all else, symbolizing the emphasis on family and legacy.

Aporia premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival and will make its debut in cinemas across the United States this weekend, offering a fresh take on the familiar time-travel theme. Those interested in a heartfelt story that combines futuristic concepts with human emotion can view the official trailer for Aporia below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Aporia

What is the film ‘Aporia’ about?

Aporia is a science fiction film directed by Jared Moshé. It tells the story of Sophie, played by Judy Greer, who must decide whether to use a time machine to alter her tragic past or accept her current grief-stricken reality. The film emphasizes themes of family, love, and the ethics of time travel.

Who stars in the film ‘Aporia’?

Judy Greer plays the main character Sophie, and Edi Gathegi plays her deceased husband Mal in the film.

What are the rules of time travel in ‘Aporia’?

The rules of time travel in Aporia are intentionally simple: the machine can only kill, death cannot be undone, and using the machine creates a new reality, but memories of the original one remain.

Where did ‘Aporia’ premiere?

Aporia premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival and was released in theaters across the United States the following weekend.

What is the main focus or theme of ‘Aporia’?

The main focus of Aporia is the moral and emotional dilemma faced by Sophie as she grapples with the choice to change her past or continue living in her present reality. The importance of family, especially her commitment to her daughter, plays a crucial role in her decision-making process.

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