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‘Ash’ Preview: Aaron Paul and Eiza González Adrift in the Cosmos

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Details regarding Ash, the forthcoming film under the direction of musician-turned-director Flying Lotus and featuring Aaron Paul and Eiza González, are largely under wraps. This suspenseful science-fiction thriller, penned by Jonni Remmler, portrays González in the role of a woman who regains consciousness on a spaceship, discovering her crew’s lifeless bodies. In a twist of fate, Paul’s character is purportedly her savior. While the cause of her team’s demise remains a mystery, the recently unveiled initial images from the film offer audiences a hint of what lies ahead.


Aaron Paul and Eiza González have taken the reins from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tessa Thompson, initially disclosed as the stars of the project last year. This film marks the second full-length directorial venture for Flying Lotus, also known as Steven Ellison. The element of mystery pervades the movie, with González disclosing to Entertainment Weekly, “we’re aiming to keep the plot under wraps, but it could be likened to a chilling, science-fiction horror film.” Interestingly, Paul is no stranger to space-themed narratives, as seen in his recent role as an astronaut in Netflix’s Black Mirror Season 6 episode “Beyond the Sea,” where he navigates life on earth through an artificial doppelgänger.

Despite this being just his sophomore film after V/H/S/99, Flying Lotus demonstrates his comfort with directing, honed through his experience with music video creation. González praises the director, noting his “unique way of thinking.” She likens him to David Fincher, another director with music video origins, admired for pushing the envelope. The director’s background heavily influences the film’s production, with music playing a critical role, both in the film score, composed by Flying Lotus himself, and on-set ambiance. Paul recollects, “he would often play fitting music on set, but just before rolling, he would experiment with some of his own compositions, setting the mood for us. Once the call ‘action!’ came, we’d silence the music and dive into the scene.”

Image courtesy of XYZ films

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A Distinct Visual Style

Viewers can anticipate a visually stunning experience with Ash. González asserts, “the film needed someone with a truly authentic and distinct artistic perspective. We were fortunate to have his visionary imagery, which played a key role in bringing the film to life.” She further remarks, “the film demands the audience’s continuous engagement. I appreciate films that encourage persistent thinking and puzzle-solving.”

Keep an eye out for the release date and trailer of Ash. Meanwhile, take a look at more images below:

Image courtesy of XYZ films

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