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‘Barbie’ Embarks on an Exclusive Touring Adventure, Bringing the Dreamhouse Experience to Fans Worldwide

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Second Weekend Box Office Performance

Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated film, Barbie, has ignited a wave of excitement among fans. With just a few weeks remaining until the movie, led by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, hits theaters, Warner Bros. is taking the initiative to engage fans by organizing a thrilling worldwide touring event. This captivating experience will visit major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, London, Berlin, Sydney, Toronto, Mexico City, and Seoul, allowing Barbie enthusiasts across the globe to immerse themselves in the fun and excitement of a Barbie beach party.


Arezou Amin from FilmSweep had the exclusive opportunity to attend the Barbie beach party when it landed in Toronto. The event spanned three floors of a bustling downtown restaurant, offering interactive experiences, captivating photo opportunities, delectable food and cocktails, and a lively throwback soundtrack.

Welcome to #Kenada

While Barbie takes center stage, captivating everyone with her ubiquitous presence, it was all about Ken in Toronto. Local hometown favorites Gosling and Simu Liu graced the event, presenting a grand prize trip to Los Angeles for one lucky winner in the VIP area. They also took the time to autograph the novelty Barbie surfboard, which the winner had the privilege of taking home.

Image via Warner Bros.

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Barbie-Sized Delights

The culinary offerings and libations varied from country to country. In Toronto, Margot served their own signature cocktails and delectable finger foods. Alongside a fully stocked bar, they delighted guests with two special mocktails that were simply delightful. As for the food, the standout was the bite-sized beef taco, its miniature size adding to its appeal.

VIP or Not VIP?

In reality, the choice isn’t yours to make. While marketed as a fan event, the Barbie experience predominantly attracted influencers and fans who had won tickets through social media or radio contests. The primary difference between the two experiences was that those in the VIP area had the opportunity for a closer encounter with Gosling and Liu, and the chance to potentially meet them. Given the immense anticipation surrounding the film, it is unfortunate that the photo opportunities couldn’t be extended to more fans, even without the VIP perks of a full bar and celebrity guests.

Nevertheless, the non-VIP experience proved to be even more enjoyable. While the VIP section became crowded near the stage, non-VIP attendees had the freedom to explore the rest of the experience at their own pace. They indulged in the culinary delights, captured countless photos in the photo booth, received hair and makeup makeovers courtesy of blo salons and NYX, and even had their faces printed on cookies. Although these activities were available throughout the night, the lines grew longer after the conclusion of the VIP segment. On a positive note, this allowed non-VIP attendees to make the most of the dance floor and previously restricted photo areas, which were now more accessible.

Bidding Farewell to Barbie-Land

Once the VIP section opened to all guests, the standing area transformed into an impromptu

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