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Barbie Sets New Box Office Records, Surpassing Even the Wizarding World

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Box Office Triumph

In a spectacular turn of events, Barbie, the iconic doll turned movie sensation, is shattering records left and right on the global box office stage. This plastic powerhouse has not only bested The Super Mario Bros. Movie on its home turf but is now in hot pursuit of claiming the global crown as well. It’s a fierce battle, with Gran Turismo revving up for competition at the box office this weekend. Yet, considering Barbie’s stellar performance thus far, a sudden slowdown seems about as likely as a unicorn riding a skateboard.

Barbie isn’t just breaking records; it’s making them its playthings. Warner Bros. is singing Barbie’s praises, as it becomes the studio’s top-grossing domestic film ever. With a triumphant strut, Barbie is poised to surpass cinematic giants like The Dark Knight and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 in the global earnings department.

In a world where most movies fade after a few weeks, Barbie continues to dazzle at the global box office even after a month in theaters. The film recently conquered The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s throne as the reigning domestic champion, and it’s on the cusp of a global coup as well. The Super Mario flick earned a respectable $574 million domestically during its run, but Barbie casually strutted past that milestone, now boasting a domestic haul of $594 million. And that’s not all – the film’s international reception has been even more enthusiastic, contributing $745 million to Barbie’s sky-high global total of $1.34 billion. With a mere $18 million left to surpass Super Mario’s $1.358 billion worldwide earnings, Barbie is inching closer to cinching its place at the very top.

But, as any racer knows, the final stretch can be the trickiest. Barbie is in a tight race with the debutante Gran Turismo, a film that claims to be “Based on a True Story.” The ultimate verdict will only roll in on Monday, once the wild card figures of National Cinema Day are factored in. The impending digital release of Barbie looms on the horizon, but given its track record so far, an abrupt slowdown would be as surprising as finding a smartphone in a time-traveling medieval knight’s armor. Remember, this is a film that burst onto the scene with a record-breaking $162 million opening weekend domestically back in July, when it faced off against Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer in the unforgettable “Barbenheimer” event. This cinematic showdown banked over $2 billion in global theatrical revenue, proving that Barbie knows how to make an entrance.

From its jaw-dropping opening, Barbie has maintained its lead, crossing the finish line with $93 million in its second weekend, $53 million in its third, $33 million in its fourth, $21 million in its fifth, and an estimated $15 million in its sixth. The film held the box office crown for a whopping 28 consecutive days before bowing down to the newcomer, Blue Beetle. Along this exhilarating journey, Barbie broke barriers and records alike. Notably, it became the highest-grossing film directed by a woman, a testament to the prowess of its director, Greta Gerwig. The doll that won’t be stopped also claimed the throne as Warner Bros.’ most successful domestic movie, surpassing the legendary The Dark Knight with a cool $533 million. And the cherry on top? Barbie is poised to become the reigning monarch of Warner Bros.’ global box office, surpassing even the magical finale of the Harry Potter series.

As the credits roll on this tale of box office triumph, it’s not just Barbie that’s reveling in the limelight. Greta Gerwig, the mastermind behind this plastic powerhouse, has proven her mettle in Hollywood’s upper echelons. The star-studded cast, including Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, celebrates this monumental achievement alongside Gerwig. A stellar supporting lineup, featuring America Ferrera, Issa Rae, Simu Liu, Michael Cera, Kate McKinnon, and Will Ferrell, also adds to the movie’s allure.

Get ready to binge-watch the behind-the-scenes interviews and keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates on FilmSweep, because Barbie isn’t just a doll – it’s a cinematic marvel that has the world under its spell.

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