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Ben Affleck Reveals Shocking Cameo Fans Won’t Want To Miss in ‘The Flash’ Movie

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Ben Affleck, who plays Batman in the upcoming DCU movie The Flash, revealed on the Smartless podcast that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman would be coming to save him. Both of these superheroes will be part of the Justice League!

The Flash is going on an exciting adventure! He’s made some changes to the past which affected the future, and he enters a world without superheroes. He teams up with Batman (Michael Keaton) and Wonder Woman (Gadot) to get out of this tricky situation. Michael Shannon plays General Zod in this movie, so there’s lots of action!

Ben Affleck revealed how the two heroes will meet in this story. He said:

I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but during a fight with some bad guys, Wonder Woman saved me. She used the Lasso of Truth and managed to get Batman to tell his real thoughts about life and work. I was like ‘wow, now I get it!’.

Let’s talk about Michael Shannon. He recently talked a lot about his upcoming movie, ‘A Little White Lie’, working with M. Emmet Walsh and how he will be appearing in the upcoming ‘The Flash’ movie as the character General Zod again.

“The Next Wave of DC Entertainment

Everybody wants to do well in their lives but things don’t always go as planned. No matter how hard you work or strive for something, you could still fail and be met with disappointment. However, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing because every setback can offer us an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and grow stronger as a person. It’s important to remember that failure happens and we should look at it as a chance to better ourselves instead of feeling bad about it.

The Flash movie from 2023 is really important for DC, since it will change the storyline of the next few years. At first, a Batman Beyond movie was planned with Keaton playing an older Bruce Wayne, but it wasn’t made. Now Gunn and Safran have to create a new universe that spans over movies, TV shows and even video games!

DC Studios are looking to change a few characters like Batman and Superman, but The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker will remain the same. Miller’s Flash might also stay if it makes enough money at the cinema when it comes out on June 16th 2023, despite any legal problems from its star actor.

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