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Ben Affleck’s ‘Air’ Makes a Big Splash With $20.2 Million at the Box Office

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Ben Affleck’s new movie Air was welcomed with great success at the box office. The movie, which tells the story of a salesman named Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon), who is trying to get Michael Jordan to sign on a deal with Nike and create Air Jordan shoes, earned $14.4 million over three days in US theaters. When including two more days since it premiered, it made a total of $20.2 million across 3,507 theaters in North America.

The new movie “Air” did really good, way better than experts thought it would. On Wednesday, the movie earned $3.2 million. One day later, it dropped 26% making only $2.4 million. But things changed on Friday when viewers came back and the earnings went up 106%, ending the day with a total of $5 million. And Saturday went even better with $5.8 million! Lastly, on Sunday it made $3.5 million – an impressive amount since it’s Easter Day!


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The movie earned $14.4 million over the weekend which was enough to make it fourth at the Domestic Box Office. The Super Mario Bros movie made a huge amount of money, with a domestic pull of $146.36 million and has now broken the global opening record for an animated film by taking a whopping $377.2 million. Air’s earning comes just behind Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves which made around $14.5 million in its second weekend, now reaching a total of $62.2 million domestically and John Wick: Chapter 4 that pulled in around $14.6 million after three weekends hitting a total at home of $147 million.

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Experience the Power of the Air Jordan Partnership with Ben Affleck’s “Air”!

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The movie Air was a major success due to its quality and people talking about it. It has a very high rating of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, but an even higher 98% for the audience score. The movie reviewer Ross Bonaime gave it a B+ and praised director Affleck, saying he knows how to make something amazing with such an ordinary topic – like making an exciting story about shoes!

Right now, you can only watch the new dramedy movie “Air” in theaters. Here’s the trailer and summary of it – check them out!

AIR, directed by Ben Affleck, is a movie about the incredible partnership between Michael Jordan and Nike. This partnership was so important that it changed sports, culture and made Air Jordan become famous. The film talks about how this team took a big risk with huge consequences waiting for them, the dedication of a mother who saw her son’s potential, and Micheal eventually becoming one of the greatest basketball players ever.

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