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Brie Larson’s Inspiration for Her ‘Fast X’ Persona Revealed

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The new Fast Saga movie is coming out soon on May 19th and it will include Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson! She’s never been in the franchise before and we don’t know much about her character, Tess. During an interview, though, Brie said that she was inspired to play that part by Vin Diesel’s eight-year-old daughter – who wore a “Good Vibes Only” jacket when they met. So Brie decided to wear the same jacket in the upcoming movie!

Tess may look cute, but when she is on the screen she will be ready to protect her friends and family. Dom Toretto’s group have been through a lot of adventures over the years and now they trust Tess enough to consider her an ally. There is something big coming their way and Tess must be brave and prepared to deal with it since the threat is someone they already know!

Charlize Theron will come back as Cipher, a bad person and hacker whose only goal is to do whatever she wants – no matter who tries to stop her. Cipher already messed with the Toretto family during The Fate of the Furious and F9. In the eighth installment, she made Dominic work for her, which was seen in the movie’s trailers. The family was able to bring back Dominic, but Cipher managed to get away from them in the end.

Have you heard of the movie ‘Fast X’? Well, actress Michelle Rodriguez says that there will be a BIG surprise at the end of it!.

If you have been a fan of Fast & Furious since its debut in 2001, don’t worry! The next movie won’t be the last one. But there is a big chance that it will set up an amazing final race for the Toretto family. So be ready since the eleventh movie in the franchise is expected to release in two years’ time and this will wrap up the story that was first started 22 years ago.

Be sure to check out the official trailer for Fast X before going to the movies on May 19th!

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