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Caleb Landry Jones Is the ‘Dogman’ in New Trailer

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Caleb Landry Jones Stars as the Enigmatic ‘Dogman’ in New Trailer

The gritty and highly anticipated film, Dogman, marks Luc Besson’s return to the director’s chair after a four-year hiatus. The first trailer for this captivating project has just been unveiled, offering viewers a glimpse into its intriguing storyline. While the world premiere is slated for the fall festival circuit, French audiences can catch the film starting September 27, with no wider release date announced yet.

Dogman revolves around the captivating tale of a man named Douglas, portrayed by Caleb Landry Jones, whose childhood fascination with dogs becomes an escape from the harsh realities of his own life. Jones expertly embodies the dog-obsessed protagonist, displaying a delicate balance between fragility and resilience. As Douglas immerses himself in his canine fixation, he finds himself entangled in perilous situations, pitted against a host of formidable adversaries.

Unveiling the Provocative Trailer

The newly released trailer delves deep into the complexities of Douglas’s character, exploring the profound impact of his traumatic past. We catch glimpses of his childhood, where he forms a poignant connection with a caged dog, seemingly the only source of attention within his family. However, his bond with the dog becomes jeopardized by his father, who punishes him for his affinity for canines, subjecting him to beatings and confinement in the very dog cage that once brought solace, thereby pushing his fixation into obsession.

Moving forward, the trailer shifts to Douglas’s adult life, immersed in a perilous world of his own making. We witness him tending to his numerous dogs in an unconventional living environment, adorned in heavy makeup that echoes Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” ensemble. Clad in his unique attire and accompanied by his loyal canines, he confronts a gang of adversaries determined to dismantle him. The film keenly explores his struggle with identity and his penchant for disguise, as he remarks in the trailer, “I’ve always liked disguises. You dress up, you make up a past, and you forget your own.” Dogman promises to leave an indelible mark on audiences’ minds.

Dogman serves as Luc Besson’s first venture since his 2019 project, Anna. Renowned as one of the century’s iconic filmmakers, Besson has brought us cinematic masterpieces such as The Fifth Element and the 2014 film Lucy. In Dogman, he assumes the roles of both writer and director, shaping the captivating narrative of this intense cat-and-mouse game, with Jones taking center stage as the enigmatic and haunted protagonist.

Apollo Films is set to release Dogman in France on September 27. Be sure to catch the enthralling new trailer below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Dogman

When is the world premiere of Dogman?

The world premiere of Dogman is expected to take place on the fall festival circuit.

When will Dogman premiere in France?

Dogman is set to premiere in France on September 27.

Who plays the protagonist in Dogman?

Caleb Landry Jones portrays the dog-obsessed protagonist named Douglas in the film.

Who is the filmmaker behind Dogman?

Dogman is directed by renowned filmmaker Luc Besson.

What is the storyline of Dogman?

Dogman tells the story of a man who, as a child, becomes obsessed with dogs as a means of escaping the harsh realities of his own life. The film delves into his journey, filled with scrapes and conflicts with dangerous enemies.

What is the focus of the newly released trailer?

The trailer offers a glimpse into the complex character of Douglas, highlighting his past trauma and how it influenced his development. It showcases his childhood and adult life, showcasing his obsession with dogs, lack of identity, and his penchant for dressing up.

What is Luc Besson’s previous work?

Luc Besson is renowned for his work as a filmmaker, with notable projects including The Fifth Element and the 2014 film Lucy. Dogman is his first film since the 2019 project Anna.

Is there a wider release date for Dogman?

As of now, no wider release date has been announced for Dogman.

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FilmFan1990 July 11, 2023 - 12:18 pm

caleb landry jones is amazin in Dogman! Cant wait for the world premere n france. trailer look intense! luc bessons films are alwys gr8.

DogLover83 July 11, 2023 - 12:20 pm

Finally a film about dogs! Caleb Landry Jones seems obsessed with dogs in Dogman. Hope it’s not too gritty tho. Can’t wait for the premiere. #Dogman #CalebLandryJones

Cinephile22 July 12, 2023 - 6:05 am

OMG! Caleb Landry Jones looks so cool in Dogman! Luc Besson is back with a bang! Can’t wait to see the film. #Excited


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