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Celebrating Disney’s 100-Year Legacy: ‘Wish’ and the Magic of Disney Storytelling

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Disney's 100-Year Legacy

In the enchanting realm of Rosas, a new Disney musical fairytale is set to captivate audiences with its timeless charm. “Wish” takes us on a journey alongside Asha, a 17-year-old dreamer voiced by the talented Ariana DeBose, as she embarks on a quest to rescue her community from the malevolent King Magnifico, portrayed by Chris Pine. Alongside her loyal pajama-clad goat companion, Valentino, voiced by Alan Tudyk, Asha discovers the transformative power of courage within herself, guided by the wisdom of a celestial entity known as Star.

This magical tale is not just another addition to Disney’s extensive portfolio of animated films; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the Walt Disney Company’s rich 100-year history of storytelling and animation. Jennifer Lee, the Chief Creative Officer known for her work on the blockbuster hit “Frozen,” has played a pivotal role in promoting the film, emphasizing the profound impact Disney has had on all of our lives.

A Century of Disney Magic

Disney’s legacy in animated filmmaking began in 1937 with the release of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Fast forward to “Wish,” which marks the 62nd animated feature film produced by the studio in the 86 years since, showcasing an unparalleled commitment to consistent storytelling and creative excellence.

The significance of “Wish” within the Disney universe cannot be overstated. This film was specifically crafted to be part of the centenary celebrations surrounding the founding of the Walt Disney Company in October 1923 by the visionary Disney brothers, Walt and Roy Disney. It stands as a testament to Disney’s enduring commitment to entertaining and inspiring audiences worldwide.

Jennifer Lee: A Creative Force Behind the Magic

Jennifer Lee’s involvement in “Wish” underscores its importance. As an Academy Award-winning director and writer, her contributions to the Disney legacy are substantial. Her work on “Frozen” and its sequel, “Frozen II,” solidified her reputation as a creative force within the company. Lee’s participation in promoting “Wish” is not only a testament to her dedication but also a reflection of the film’s profound significance.

Disney’s Enduring Impact

So, what makes being part of Disney storytelling so magical? Jennifer Lee shares her perspective, harking back to her own formative years. Like countless others, Lee’s childhood was shaped by Disney films. These stories left an indelible mark on her, inspiring her to pursue a career in the creative arts, with a passion for crafting stories that entertain and inspire.

Lee reflects, “What’s interesting is that all of us who are at the studio now were born into Disney, as part of our earliest memories. All of us who are there had a real drive to come to Disney because of what the stories have meant to us, the films, and the experience of Disney. It’s given each one of us something that lifts our lives or helps us through at times, depending on the story. And so, when we come together, there’s this love of what we get to do. We take it very seriously, but we also remember the heart of it is having fun.”

The Creative Energy of a Century

While the world of animation and storytelling can be challenging, Jennifer Lee acknowledges that it’s the difficult days that fill her with the most gratitude. These are the moments that make the job truly worthwhile, especially when working alongside a group of artists who share the same passion and drive. This creative synergy, she believes, is unique to Disney and is a result of the century of creativity that the company has cultivated.

“You get to really tumble with an incredible group of artists with passion and drive for the same thing. On days that are hard and exhausting, I say to my husband, ‘Remind me of that.’ I don’t think anywhere else does this creative energy happen in this way, and it is due to this 100-year legacy.”

As we eagerly await the release of “Wish” on November 22, 2023, we are reminded of the enduring magic of Disney storytelling and the profound impact it has had on our lives for a century. In a world where dreams come true, “Wish” stands as a shining example of Disney’s commitment to enchanting audiences of all ages, just as it has done for the past 100 years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Disney’s 100-Year Legacy

What is the movie “Wish” about?

“Wish” is a Disney musical fairytale that follows the 17-year-old dreamer Asha on her quest to rescue her community from the malevolent King Magnifico. Alongside her loyal companion, Valentino the goat, Asha discovers the transformative power of courage while being guided by the wisdom of a celestial entity known as Star.

Why is “Wish” significant in the context of Disney’s history?

“Wish” is a significant film as it is part of Disney’s centenary celebrations. The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923, and over the past 100 years, it has become known as a pioneer in animated filmmaking. “Wish” marks the 62nd animated feature film produced by the studio, showcasing Disney’s unwavering commitment to consistent storytelling and creative excellence.

Who is Jennifer Lee, and what role did she play in the making of “Wish”?

Jennifer Lee is the Chief Creative Officer for Disney Animation and is known for her work on “Frozen” and “Frozen II.” She served as a writer on “Wish” alongside Allison Moore and played a crucial role in promoting the film. Her involvement underscores the film’s importance, given her significant contributions to Disney’s legacy.

What inspired Jennifer Lee and others at Disney to pursue careers in storytelling and animation?

For Jennifer Lee and many at Disney, their inspiration to pursue careers in storytelling and animation can be traced back to their formative years. They were exposed to Disney films during their childhood, and these stories left a lasting impact, motivating them to enter the creative arts. Disney’s stories have the power to entertain and inspire, making storytelling a lifelong passion for those involved.

What makes being part of Disney storytelling special, according to Jennifer Lee?

Jennifer Lee highlights that being part of Disney storytelling is special because it’s rooted in the earliest memories of those who work at the studio. Disney has provided countless individuals with stories that have lifted their lives and offered guidance during challenging times. There is a deep love for the work, a commitment to taking it seriously, and a constant reminder that the heart of it all is about having fun.

How has Disney’s 100-year legacy influenced the creative energy within the company?

The 100-year legacy of Disney has had a profound impact on the creative energy within the company. Jennifer Lee emphasizes that, despite the challenges, the collaborative spirit and passion of the artists at Disney are unrivaled. The century of creativity and storytelling has created a unique environment where artists come together with a shared drive, resulting in exceptional and enduring works of art.

When can we expect to see “Wish” in theaters?

“Wish” is set to be released in theaters on November 22, 2023, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Rosas and the captivating journey of Asha as she discovers the transformative power of courage and the magic of Disney storytelling.

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MovieBuff23 September 28, 2023 - 12:54 pm

“Wish” seems like a cool tribute 2 Disney’s long history. I’m in 4 any Disney movie, especially if it’s got a pajama-clad goat!

DisneyFan90 September 28, 2023 - 5:47 pm

wow! Disney’s been makin’ magic for 100 years, and “Wish” sounds like another hit. jennifer lee, she’s the boss, she made frozen awesome. Can’t wait 2 c it in da theater!

DreamerArtist September 28, 2023 - 6:11 pm

It’s cool how Disney inspires ppl 2 tell stories. I <3 Disney since I was a kid, just like Jennifer Lee. Let’s all have fun with stories!


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