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Could Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong Spinoff Movie Reach “Fast and Furious” Levels of Success?

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Before The Super Mario Bros. Movie comes out, Illumination focused on Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong. This big gorilla and Mario have been around since the first game in 1981, when they teamed up to stop Bowser from ruling over them. There are lots of different games that feature only Donkey Kong, like the Donkey Kong Country series. So it could be possible that Illumination decides to make an entire movie just about Kong and his family! During a press junket for the upcoming film, Rogen compared this potential spin-off movie to the Fast and Furious series.

This might be a bit hard to understand, but if you take some time and think about it you can get the main idea. Don’t worry, I’m here to help! Let me break it down so that it’s easier to comprehend.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie and the Donkey Kong franchise look different, but they have something in common: family. Fred Armisen’s character from Donkey Kong, Cranky Kong, will be a part of this movie, but there are more members of the Kong family that could join him onscreen. People think these kinds of movies with large families can be really special just like in Fast and Furious – it’s all about family!

Donkey Kong and Cranky Kong (or DK’s father in Donkey Kong 64) are not alone. They have good friends and family who help them out from time to time, like Diddy, Dixie and Tiny Kong, Chunky Kong, Kiddy Kong, Lanky Kong with a funny face. Plus there are other cool friends like Funky and Swanky Kong and even DK’s girlfriend, Candy Kong. Together they form a powerful team that could take on any foe standing in their way – just like the crew from The Fast & Furious movies! So maybe a spinoff game could bring the whole family together to defeat the wicked K. Rool!

‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’: Chris Pratt & Charlie Day Talk About How They Got the Proper Voices for Mario & Luigi.

Similar to the Fast and Furious family, DK really loves racing too. In teasers we can easily spot DK’s inclination towards racing from The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Also, he’s quite skilled in driving as he appears in various Mario Kart games with Diddy Kong by his side. Not only that, but Diddy also has his own spin-off game in which different characters of Rare studio are included, including Banjo and Conker! Both Rogen and Nemiroff realize this similarity between them and joked around it when Rogen added: “Exactly! They’ve got their go-karts. There’s a lot of similarities there!”

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The Mario world is full of possibilities, and movie maker Illumination is creating a unique MCU – Mario Cinematic Universe. Chris Pratt, the voice actor for Mario himself, said that the post-credits scene will set up what will happen in the next movie. Also, from the trailers it looks like there might be a Luigi’s Mansion spinoff with a scene showing green plumber (Luigi) running from Dry Bones zombies.

On April 7, movie stars Seth Rogen and Chris Pratt will be appearing alongside Charlie Day, Jack Black, Anya Taylor-Joy, Keegan-Michael Key and other actors in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Check out the full interview for more details!

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