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‘Creed III’ Set To Stream On Your Favorite Platforms: Get The Release Date Here!

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The audiences’ wait is finally over as Creed III has just been released on Amazon Prime Video. Now, people can rent and purchase the movie so they can watch Michael B. Jordan’s and Jonathan Majors’ characters go head to head with each other. The story is about two characters – Donnie (Jordan) and Damian (Majors) – who were once close like brothers, but now their relationship has turned sour after Damian released from prison. He now wants to take away Donnie’s championship title from him.

The streaming release of the boxing drama is popular, both in the United States and abroad. In America, it earned more than $140 million, but even bigger numbers internationally ($224 million!) The movie has been hugely successful as well as a critical success – everyone seems to love this spin on Sylvester Stallone’s classic franchise.

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“Creed III Stars See Success On and Off Screen”

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The movie has become really famous, making it the biggest sports movie ever seen in American cinemas! It’s much more successful than any other film from the Rocky spin-off series. People really celebrated Michael Jordan for this incredible debut. This could potentially mean that there will be a greater universe created for Creed which may even include an anime series!

After the release of Creed III, which earned 224.3 million at the global box office, Michael B Jordan had a meeting with Amazon to discuss the possibility of making more films and TV shows about Creed! It looks like there may be more movies based on this franchise in the near future!

Recently, the stars of popular movie Creed III have been hugely successful. But this success hasn’t extended off-screen for one actor — Majors. Last Saturday, he was arrested by the police in New York for something called a “domestic dispute,” which included charges like strangulation, assault and harassment. Afterward, his lawyer said he was innocent and that he had actually been a victim of violence himself. There’s now a court date set for May 8, 2023 when Majors will go to court to explain what happened.

Check it out! You can now watch the third installment of Creed on Prime Video. Watch the trailer for it down below to get a taste of what’s in store for you.

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