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Criterion Unveils ‘La Bamba,’ ‘Moonage Daydream,’ and Others for September Release

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Criterion September releases

Criterion recently unveiled a new lineup set to enrich its collection this coming September, promising a delightful blend of acclaimed documentaries, international films, and timeless classics. Among the forthcoming additions is Moonage Daydream, a critically lauded exploration into the life and artistry of David Bowie from last year. The collection will also welcome Luis Valdez’s notable biographical film about the iconic Mexican American musician, La Bamba. The much-loved fantasy comedy, The Princess Bride, is also set to grace the prestigious catalog, alongside Walkabout, a gripping tale of two children’s survival in the Australian outback.


Brett Morgen’s riveting documentary about David Bowie, one of history’s most influential singers, transcends the effect of Bowie’s music on popular culture and the millions of his fans worldwide. Moonage Daydream delves into Bowie’s humanity, chronicling the personal struggles that shadowed his relentless pursuit of musical excellence. This incredible journey into Bowie’s life is depicted through almost three hours of unseen footage, fresh interviews with his closest acquaintances, and clips from some of his most memorable live performances.

Switching gears, after becoming one of the most quoted films of all time, The Princess Bride is set to enter the Criterion Collection. Rob Reiner’s fantastical comedy introduces us to Buttercup (Robin Wright), a young princess trapped in an unwanted engagement following her partner’s presumed demise. The plot thickens when Buttercup discovers Westley is alive, prompting them to elude their malicious pursuers, creating moments of laughter along the way. Who can resist a chuckle during a sword duel with Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin)?

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This Classic of Mexican Cinema Transforms Real-Life Tragedy Into a Chilling Nightmare

The 1987 biopic La Bamba by Luis Valdez, stands as an impressive feat, encapsulating Ritchie Valens’ (Lou Diamond Phillips) devotion to the creation and performance of music. As Beverly Hills Cop II was ruling the box office, this poignant film shined a spotlight on Valens’ journey, from falling in love to forming bands and climbing the ladder of success, culminating in releasing one of the most memorable party songs ever. Its well-deserved entry into the catalog ensures it joins an ever-growing roster of cinema’s finest.

All four films will be released throughout September and are available for preorder now on The Criterion Collection website. Check out the full lineup below:

Moonage Daydream
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Moonage Daydream sheds light on David Bowie’s life and brilliance, celebrating his unparalleled influence and prolific contributions to music. Guided by Bowie’s narration, Brett Morgen’s full-length experiential film blends never-before-seen footage, performances, and music to explore Bowie’s creative and spiritual journey.

The Princess Bride
Image via Criterion

A loving grandfather narrates a story to his ailing grandson, a story passed down through generations. This is a classic tale of love and adventure, revolving around the beautiful Buttercup, who is kidnapped and held captive to instigate a war. It is up to her childhood sweetheart, Westley, now known as the Dread Pirate Roberts, to rescue her. On his journey, he encounters a thief and his entourage, a skilled swordsman, and a massive, extraordinarily strong giant, who become his companions.

La Bamba
Image via Criterion

Set in the summer of 1957 in Northern California, La Bamba tells the story of Richard Valenzuela (Lou Diamond Phillips), a 16-year-old Mexican-American teen living in poverty, who harbors a dream of becoming a famous musician. His life takes an unexpected turn when his troubled half-brother Roberto Morales (Esai Morales) returns from prison.

Image via Criterion

In Sydney, Australia, a teenage girl and her younger brother undergo a terrifying ordeal when their father attempts to murder them in the outback during a supposed picnic. The girl rescues her brother, and they attempt to navigate home through the desert.

The Trial

In this inspired adaptation of Franz Kafka’s novel, Orson Welles’ The Trial features Anthony Perkins as Josef K., an office worker bewildered by his arrest for an unspecified crime, leading him down a daunting bureaucratic maze. Welles’ cinematic magnum opus, filled with his visual brilliance, presents a world driven mad.

Below, you can view the official trailer for Moonage Daydream:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Criterion September releases

What films are being added to the Criterion Collection in September?

The Criterion Collection is adding ‘Moonage Daydream’, ‘La Bamba’, ‘The Princess Bride’, and ‘Walkabout’ to its lineup in September.

Who directed the documentary about David Bowie’s life that’s being added to the Criterion Collection?

‘Moonage Daydream’, the documentary about David Bowie’s life, was directed by Brett Morgen.

Is ‘The Princess Bride’ joining the Criterion Collection?

Yes, ‘The Princess Bride’ is among the films joining the Criterion Collection in September.

What is ‘La Bamba’ about?

‘La Bamba’ is a biopic by Luis Valdez that tells the story of Ritchie Valens, a Mexican American musician, focusing on his love for music and his rise to fame.

How can I preorder the new releases from the Criterion Collection?

The new releases from the Criterion Collection can be preordered on The Criterion Collection website.

Which Orson Welles film is mentioned in the text?

The Orson Welles film mentioned in the text is ‘The Trial.’

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