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Daveed Digs Joins Andrew Stanton to Reel in a Reel that Will Last an ‘In the Blink of an Eye’

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Daveed Diggs is going on an interesting journey with Andrew Stanton’s upcoming movie, In the Blink of an Eye. According to Variety, this movie will show three stories spread out over thousands of years. The characters have a lot of time to think about life, hope, and connection. Searchlight Pictures will distribute the film after also producing award-winning movies like Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water. This new story might be about fearing death or living in peace for a long time.

Stanton is mostly known for his work in movies, specifically for Pixar. If you have seen the movie Finding Nemo, then Stanton was behind that one, and he also directed Wall-E a few years later. Now, he’s making a change by doing something new – releasing a live-action film called In the Blink of an Eye, after having been involved in some episodes of Stranger Things.

Daveed Diggs is a really talented actor. You can see his great performances in movies and on stage. He rose to fame after being part of the original cast of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical, Hamilton. His amazing acts as Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson are now available to stream online on Disney+.

Five more people were added to the cast of “The Crossover”, a basketball drama with Daveed Digs as the narrator.

Exploring Modern Farming Methods with Daveed Diggs in Blindspotting Season Two

Humans have long been trying to find ways of producing enough food for the growing population. As a result, modern farmers use advanced methods and technologies such as greenhouses, hydroponics, and genetic modification to meet this need. This helps increase crop yields while ensuring a high quality product that is safe for consumption. With such technology and techniques, farming has become more efficient, productive and sustainable in the long-term.

Right now Daveed Diggs is busy because the second season of Blindspotting, which he’s in charge of producing, has been released. Not only that, but he also plays the main role Collin Hoskins in the 2018 movie with the same name. In it, his co-star Jasmine Cephas Jones acts as Ashley—a mom trying to cope with life after her partner goes to prison. At its core, the show highlights a complicated yet heartfelt family bond.

Check out the preview of season two of Blindspotting before it comes to Starz on April 14!

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