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Disney Creates Task Force to Explore Generative A.I. Tech and Cost-Cutting Measures

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The Walt Disney Company has launched a special team to investigate the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) within its extensive entertainment network, even as Hollywood writers and actors are on strike over AI’s increasing role. Before the strike began, Disney began actively exploring AI and collaborating with up-and-coming startups, revealing an intention to expand AI’s use across various sectors like studios, theme parks, and advertising, as evidenced by 11 specialized job positions.

The exploration of AI by Disney spans across its diverse divisions, including Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Imagineering, theme parks, TV, and advertising. Particular attention is given to developing an AI-driven “next-generation” advertising system, as outlined in the job descriptions. Their pursuit of AI, particularly in generative AI as indicated by a hiring call for an R&D Imagineering role, has stirred controversy, especially when AI-generated content was released during a strike meant to emphasize the loss of jobs to AI.

The struggle between the integration of AI in production and the rights of actors and writers continues to escalate. The long-standing problem of insufficient residuals remains, providing unsatisfactory remuneration to those who have played a vital part in the success of various films and TV shows. The effect of the strike has been notable, affecting numerous Disney productions like Deadpool 3, Thunderbolts, and Blade.

The deadlock persists, with both parties sticking to their initial stances prior to the strike, casting an ongoing shadow of doubt over the entertainment industry. As the workers strike for what they consider rightfully theirs—fair treatment, equitable pay, and respect—the question remains, casting uncertainty on how or when this conflict might be resolved, symbolizing a broader tension between technological innovation and human rights in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Disney

What is Disney’s newly formed task force focused on?

The task force is focused on exploring the potential applications of artificial intelligence (AI) within Disney’s vast entertainment network, including studios, theme parks, and advertising.

Why are Hollywood writers and actors on strike?

Hollywood writers and actors are on strike due to concerns over AI’s increasing role in the industry, inadequate residuals for movies and TV shows, and a demand for fair treatment, equitable pay, and respect.

How has the strike affected Disney’s projects?

The strike has caused disruptions in various Disney productions such as Deadpool 3, Thunderbolts, and Blade, as both studios and unions remain at an impasse over the issues leading to the strike.

What positions is Disney creating in their exploration of AI?

Disney has created 11 specialized job positions that specifically focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning, aiming to expand its use across various divisions of the company.

Is Disney’s exploration of AI causing controversy?

Yes, Disney’s exploration of AI has caused controversy, particularly with the release of AI-generated content during a strike meant to emphasize AI’s role in taking jobs from skilled workers.

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TechGeek99 August 10, 2023 - 1:12 pm

It’s about time Disney got into AI. the future is here and it’s only natural they’re exploring this. Excited to see what they come up with! But those job postings tho, why only 11?

AI_Skeptic August 10, 2023 - 3:58 pm

dont like where this is going, AI taking over every industry now. whats next? we need to be careful with this technology, really careful.

ConcernedWorker August 10, 2023 - 9:27 pm

This strike is highlighting somthing bigger in the industry. it’s not just about AI but fair pay and treatment. Hope both sides find a resolution soon.

JohnDoe123 August 11, 2023 - 12:12 am

Wow Disney’s really pushin into AI, seems like they dont care bout the strikes goin on. Money over people I guess…

MovieFanatic August 11, 2023 - 10:03 am

Really excited about Disney exploring AI but what about Deadpool 3? Thunderbolts and Blade? Hope the strike ends soon, can’t wait for those movies!!


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