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Donald Glover Confirmed to Return for ‘Community’ Movie, Says Joel McHale

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After six seasons and years of anticipation, the highly-anticipated Community movie is now officially in the works, and another beloved cast member is set to make a comeback. According to Joel McHale, who portrayed a series regular and will be returning for the film, Donald Glover will reprise his role as Troy Barnes. Although Glover’s name was initially missing from the confirmed cast list, McHale recently shared that Glover’s return has been confirmed, reigniting hope among fans.

During an interview on Kelly Ripa’s Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast, McHale inadvertently revealed Glover’s involvement in the movie. He emphasized the importance of Glover’s participation, stating, “Donald’s coming back, and that’s really important. The fact that Donald’s gonna do it, that was the big piece. But I think everyone’s coming back. I mean, so far we’re pretty good. And I think that will happen. If not then, you know, Donald will be there.” McHale’s statement aligns with Glover’s own remarks earlier this year in an interview with GQ, where he indicated that the cast would soon begin shooting, essentially confirming his return. However, Peacock, the streaming platform behind the film, has yet to officially confirm Glover’s involvement.

Who is Troy Barnes in Community?

Glover played Troy Barnes, a prominent character throughout the series. Troy was a former high school football star who quickly formed a close bond with Abed (Danny Pudi), becoming an iconic and inseparable duo. Despite his easygoing nature, Troy faced challenges in finding his place at Greendale Community College after losing his football stardom. However, he eventually overcame those obstacles. In Season 5, Troy embarked on a new adventure, using Pierce’s inheritance to sail the world.

‘Community: The Movie’: Updates on Filming, Cast, and What to Expect

Currently, the details surrounding Troy’s role in the movie remain unclear, as does much of the storyline. However, series creator and writer/executive producer Dan Harmon previously revealed that the film would bring the Greendale crew back together at the college, although the exact reason for their reunion remains unknown. Harmon also mentioned certain aspects that should not be expected in the movie. In addition to McHale and Glover, the returning cast members include Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Ken Jeong, and Jim Rash. Yvette Nicole Brown’s involvement has yet to be confirmed.

While the Community movie is officially underway, it is currently facing challenges in production due to an ongoing writers’ strike. The movie was originally scheduled to begin production earlier this year but has been delayed in support of the writers’ cause. Despite the setback, McHale expressed his enthusiasm for starting work on the film.

All seasons of Community are currently available for streaming on Hulu, with plans for future availability on Peacock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Community movie

Q: Is Donald Glover returning for the ‘Community’ movie?

A: Yes, Donald Glover is confirmed to be returning for the ‘Community’ movie, reprising his role as Troy Barnes. Joel McHale, another cast member, revealed this information in an interview.

Q: Who did Donald Glover play in ‘Community’?

A: Donald Glover portrayed the character Troy Barnes in the television series ‘Community’. Troy was a former high school football star who became an integral part of the group at Greendale Community College.

Q: When will the ‘Community’ movie be released?

A: The release date for the ‘Community’ movie has not been announced yet. The production has faced delays due to the ongoing writers’ strike, but the film is officially in the works.

Q: Which streaming platforms can I watch ‘Community’ on?

A: Currently, all seasons of ‘Community’ are available for streaming on Hulu. However, it is also expected to be available on the streaming platform Peacock in the near future.

Q: Who else from the original cast will be returning for the ‘Community’ movie?

A: Alongside Donald Glover, other confirmed returning cast members for the ‘Community’ movie include Joel McHale, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Ken Jeong, and Jim Rash. Yvette Nicole Brown’s involvement has not been confirmed yet.

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joel mchale spillin the beans bout donald glover’s return in podcast? oops! but super psyched for the movie, been waitin for it forever. #communitymovie #cantwait

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OMG! So glad the community movie is finally happenin!! Troy & Abed together again! hope yvette brown joins too! let’s go, greendale crew! #community #excited

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donald glover comin back for community movie? AWESOME!! troy was da best, love his bromance wit abed. i cant wait, hope it comin soon!


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