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‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ Gets SteelBook Treatment This Fall

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‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ is receiving a special SteelBook treatment this autumn. This movie stands apart from the conventional structure of the franchise, centering its attention on secondary characters Gohan and Piccolo, offering a unique storyline unlike what fans are accustomed to. The film has enjoyed significant success, dominating the box office and garnering positive reviews. This success underscores the potential for further exploration of characters and narratives within the Dragon Ball universe.

The plot revolves around the emergence of Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, ultimate Androids created by the resurrected Red Ribbon Army, now dubbing themselves as “Super Heroes.” They launch attacks against Piccolo and Gohan, forming the core conflict of the story. The film delves into the new objectives of the reformed Red Ribbon Army and the imperative for the Super Hero within the characters to awaken in the face of imminent peril.

After the recent streaming debut on Crunchyroll on July 12, in addition to its previous DVD release, enthusiasts of the Dragon Ball series can now pre-order the latest SteelBook edition of ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.’ The SteelBook is set for release on November 21. Moreover, the standard 4K UHD version can also be pre-ordered via the franchise’s website.

The exclusive 4K release showcases Orange Piccolo on the cover and features promotional content, trailers, and a special video from 2022. The movie diverges from the norm by spotlighting Gohan and Piccolo, two support characters, as they undertake a mission to thwart the Red Ribbon Army’s threat and save the world.

This marks a departure from the traditional focus on Goku’s rivalry with Vegeta that has been characteristic of the Dragon Ball series. While the franchise has enjoyed iconic status since its inception in the 1980s, ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ has emerged as a standout film for deviating from the conventional formula and presenting a fresh narrative.

The movie’s success is evident through its commanding performance at the box office, both in Japan and internationally. It has also garnered praise from critics, boasting a 93% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, complemented by a 95% audience score. The release of this animated film, directed by Tetsuro Kodama, reinforces the notion that there is untapped potential for storytelling and character exploration within the expansive Dragon Ball universe.

For fans interested in watching ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,’ the film is available for streaming on Crunchyroll. The eagerly anticipated SteelBook edition is slated for release on November 21, providing yet another exciting way to experience the movie.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Anime film

What is “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” about?

“Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” shifts focus to Gohan and Piccolo, deviating from the franchise’s usual Goku-centric format. It introduces new Android enemies created by the Red Ribbon Army, driving the storyline.

When will the SteelBook edition be released?

The SteelBook edition of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” is set for release on November 21, providing a collectible option for fans.

How does the film differ from traditional Dragon Ball narratives?

This film diverges by centering on Gohan and Piccolo, secondary characters, and their mission against the Red Ribbon Army’s Androids. This breaks away from the franchise’s typical Goku-Vegeta rivalry focus.

What sets the movie apart in terms of success?

“Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” achieved box office dominance in Japan and globally. It received high praise with a 93% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 95% audience score, showcasing its appeal.

Where can I watch “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”?

The film is available for streaming on Crunchyroll, offering fans a platform to enjoy this unique addition to the Dragon Ball universe.

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woah, dragon ball super hero is shakin’ things up! gohan n piccolo gettin’ their time to shine is awesome. them android villains, gamma 1 n gamma 2, sounds super cool. steelbook droppin’ nov 21, gotta get it!


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