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Evil Dead Rise: A Hilarious Poster To Remind Us of Our Inner Demons

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2023 has been a great year for horror movies. Many new and old franchises have taken over the box office scenes. Now, another classic horror franchise called Evil Dead is set to make its return with the movie called Evil Dead Rise this April. It recently premiered at an event from South by Southwest Film Festival and many people really liked it! To celebrate, they released a poster that might make you laugh.

A new poster of Alyssa Sutherland’s character Ellie in Evil Dead Rise was recently released. The poster shows Ellie hanging off the ceiling like a scene from Hereditary, but with an encouraging message saying to never let doubt stop you and that even demons believe in you. It looks like Evil Dead Rise’s marketing campaign is going to be pretty funny and intense! People have been using horror movies as an escape from their troubles lately. Hopefully interacting with the real-life demons won’t require a chainsaw this time around.

Evil Dead Rise

The upcoming movie Evil Dead Rise will be different from the original Ash Williams story. It follows two sisters, Ellie and Beth, who reconnect after years of being apart. But soon they’re thrown into a nightmare when the Necronomicon unleashes evil forces that take Ellie hostage. Her family has to find a way to get her back before it’s too late!

Bruce Campbell talks about how Evil Dead Rise fits into the storyline of the whole franchise.

This new movie, Evil Dead Rise, is going to be really scary and full of a lot of blood – just like the other movies in this popular horror franchise. This one will be more focused on being scary than funny, unlike Army of Darkness. People who’ve seen it say that it’s super gory and creepy, which has fans of the Evil Dead series really excited for what might happen.

Get Ready to Meet the Dead

On April 21, 2023 the new Evil Dead Rise movie will be released in theaters only. Before that, check out the funny poster down below – then get ready to have a scary marathon of Evil Dead movies!

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