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Explore Michael B. Jordan’s Directorial Debut with the New ‘Creed III’ Featurette

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Michael B. Jordan has had a really awesome career as an actor. He starred in lots of movies, including the popular Black Panther and its sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Those weren’t all he featured on though—he was also in both Creed films and directed the third one, too! In a recent video posted by Prime Video’s YouTube page, Jordan talks about why he decided to direct for Creed III, what motivates him when it comes to storytelling and what made this job so perfect for him.

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The Creed trilogy is inspired by the successful movie Rocky and follows main character Adonis’ journey to becoming a great fighter. Adonis is also the son of Apollo Creed, a famous boxer who died before he was born. The third installment has been very successful, earning $140.88 million domestically which made Sylvestor Stallone’s directorial debut successful too. When asked about why he decided to direct it, Stallone said that he wanted to see if he had what it takes for an idea that was in his head for a long time.

The movie got very good reviews with an 89% Rotten Tomatoes score and a great rating by audiences. It scored even higher than the second installment which also had a really good rating. Director Jordan said that he had a clear plan for the story and this is why everything worked out perfectly in the end.

Michael B. Jordan, the star from Creed I and II, announced that Creed III will be released on streaming soon! Michael said it was very special for him to direct this movie because he is a lot older and more experienced now than when he first starred in the first installment.

I had really close connections with the character Adonis Creed since I co-created him and played him of in movies. This time, things are different now that I’m 35 years old compared to when I was 25 and I’m excited to see where his story will go.

Adonis Creed is a boxing champion who leads a successful and happy life with his family. But when an old friend from the past shows up, Adonis must face the challenge of competing against someone who has “nothing to lose” in the boxing ring, even if it might affect his own future.

You can now watch Creed III on Prime Video. In the featurette below, Michael B. Jordan talks about his love for boxing, the directors that inspire him and what advice he would give to people who want to become directors.

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