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Explore the Exciting New World of ‘Indiana Jones’ with Three New Funko Games Ahead of ‘Dial of Destiny’s Release

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The new Indiana Jones movie is almost here! It’s called Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny and it stars Harrison Ford. The movie will release in June, but companies like Funko have already started to make Indy toys that any fan will love. Not only are there Pop! figures, but Funko also recently put out some games inspired by the famous series.

The new games are called “Something Wild! Indiana Jones”, “Indiana Jones Throw Me the Idol!”, and “Indiana Jones Cryptic.” Something Wild is a card game that resembles UNO. Every card has a different Indiana Jones character and comes with an Indiana Jones Pocket Pop!. Throw Me the Idol is based on the famous opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark where two teams compete to get the idol. There are also traps similar to those in the movie. Lastly, Cryptic is like an escape room game where players use Dr. Henry Jones’ journal from Last Crusade to navigate through various puzzles and traps in order to win fortune and glory as their ultimate prize.

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Adventure Awaits

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Indiana Jones is one of the coolest film franchises ever! For over forty years, fans have loved these movies’ adventures with Nazis, supernatural forces and amazing music. Companies like Funko and Hasbro are finally giving Indiana Jones some attention, which he deserves. With their new games, old and new fans can enjoy a thrilling game night playing as Indiana Jones. Get ready for the adventure that comes with the iconic fedora hat—it’s gonna be awesome!

Kathleen Kennedy has just announced how long the new ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’ movie will be!

“The Final Adventure of Indiana Jones is on its Way!”

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny will be hitting theaters on June 30th, 2023. Indy is about to retire and his last adventure includes taking down a former Nazi scientist who’s trying to change the future in a bad way during the space race. While we wait for its release, we can get Funko’s new games from their website. You can check out the trailer in the link below!

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