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‘Extraction 2’: A Sequel Concept Centered around Prison Break

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Prison break

Director Sam Hargrave and writer Joe Russo established a benchmark for high-octane action sequences with their initial collaboration on Netflix’s “Extraction.” In their pursuit to surpass their previous work, the upcoming sequel, “Extraction 2,” takes Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) to a Georgian prison, where he is entrusted with the mission of rescuing a woman and her children. The film’s standout action moment occurs during a breathtaking 21-minute single take, featuring Hemsworth battling his way through the prison yard with an inferno-like intensity. Hargrave recently spoke with FilmSweep’s Steve Weintraub, revealing that this long-take sequence served as the foundation for the sequel’s creative development.


The narrative and setting for “Extraction 2” owe much to Russo, who invested significant effort into swiftly crafting a story that delivers a satisfying continuation for Rake and his allies. Together with his brother Anthony Russo, Russo has masterfully woven captivating action blockbusters, culminating in the monumental two-part saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Endgame.” If there is anyone capable of handling this story, it’s Joe Russo. However, Hargrave mentioned to Weintraub that while Russo excels at assembling all the elements and ensuring their visual brilliance, the concept of the prison oner was initially brainstormed by the team toward the end of production on the first film, planting the seeds for Hemsworth’s fiery fight scene:

“Yeah, it’s a little bit of both, and a lot of the second one, meaning, Joe is an individual with an incredibly creative mind, particularly when it comes to action set pieces. Structurally, we had a 30-page outline within a couple of weeks. It was like a lightning strike—’This would be a fantastic journey for them.’ While we were working on the first movie, or toward the end, the first inkling of a second movie was, ‘What if Tyler Rake found himself in a prison and had to fight his way out, or break in to rescue someone in a continuous shot?’ That was a conversation we had, and it stuck. It remained a fundamental aspect of the second movie, and I think it worked.”

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Chris Hemsworth Embraces His Inner Hero In New ‘Extraction 2’ Image

Hargrave and the “Extraction 2” team sought a change of scenery for the sequel, aiming to differentiate it from the original. The second installment shifts from the scorching temperatures and gritty visuals of Bangladesh to a colder climate, delivering a complete 180-degree turn, as Russo had previously teased. This new tone is spread across various thrilling set pieces, including a snow-covered train swarming with armed adversaries, a modern high-rise apartment where Rake guides the woman and her children, and, of course, the prison yard. Hargrave found it to be a monumental challenge to incorporate their prison oner idea while undertaking a complete tonal shift from the first film, all while ensuring that the essence of “Extraction” remained intact:

“So that was the seed that was planted, and then, considering that the other movie was very gritty and dirty, we thought, ‘If we’re going to set a significant portion of the story in a prison, which shares some similarities, we need to contrast that with a cleaner, more visually striking environment.’ We discovered a bustling city, Vienna, and moved across the river to its more modern side, where we found this high-rise. We thought, ‘Okay, shiny glass, that’s very distinct from the first

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Prison break

What is “Extraction 2” about?

“Extraction 2” is a sequel to the action-packed film “Extraction.” It follows Tyler Rake, played by Chris Hemsworth, as he embarks on a mission to break out of a Georgian prison and rescue a woman and her children.

What is the standout action moment in “Extraction 2”?

The standout action moment in “Extraction 2” is a staggering 21-minute single take featuring Chris Hemsworth’s character, Tyler Rake, fighting his way through the prison yard with intense and fiery action.

Who is involved in the creative process of “Extraction 2”?

Director Sam Hargrave and writer Joe Russo are the key figures behind “Extraction 2.” They collaborated closely to develop the sequel’s story and action set pieces. Joe Russo is known for his creative vision and expertise in bringing together captivating action sequences.

How does “Extraction 2” differ from the first film?

“Extraction 2” brings a change of scenery by transitioning from the harsh landscapes of Bangladesh to a colder climate. The film showcases a visually striking contrast with the introduction of a modern high-rise apartment and a prison setting. This shift aims to provide a fresh and distinct experience while maintaining the essence of the original film.

Where can I watch “Extraction 2”?

“Extraction 2” is exclusively available for streaming on Netflix. Viewers can enjoy the sequel on the platform and witness the thrilling action unfold.

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