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First Trailer for ‘What Comes Around’ Unveils Grace Van Dien in a Disturbing Love Affair

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'What Comes Around' movie

IFC Films unveils the premiere trailer of their forthcoming thriller, set to send shivers down the spines of viewers as the unsettling plot comes to light. ‘What Comes Around’ traces the story of Beth (portrayed by Grace Van Dien), a young woman who believes she’s discovered love with a seemingly extraordinary man on an online platform. However, the narrative crafted by Amy Redford in this project will not be your typical love story, as it quickly adopts a menacing tone.

Despite Beth’s conviction that she’s interacting with a gentleman, the dynamics alter once they meet in person a few times. Eric (Kyle Gallner), her suitor, persistently tries to become an integral part of her life, even when she’s hesitant. He continuously pressures Beth for meetups, eventually managing to secure her address through undisclosed ways. This stranger’s presence outside her residence unnerves Beth, leaving her seemingly powerless against this looming danger who appears to know her inside out. Naturally, those close to her have their reservations.

Jesse Garcia, recently acclaimed for his performance in ‘Flamin’ Hot,’ steps into the shoes of Beth’s defensive father. Despite his strong warnings about the perils of online strangers, how far he will go when his daughter is threatened remains a mystery. Another skeptic was Beth’s mother, embodied by Summer Phoenix, who was dubious about the entire relationship from the start. With Beth’s safety on the line, her parents are willing to do whatever it takes to free her from the grips of this dangerous stalker.

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The Emergence of Grace Van Dien

Before being cast in this impending thriller, Grace Van Dien was recognized for a starkly contrasting role in the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things,’ where she portrayed Chrissy Cunningham. Airing last summer, this season saw Chrissy as a popular cheerleader who connects with Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) amid her struggle with terrifying hallucinations. Their budding friendship was abruptly ended when the malicious Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) ended her life. In the quest to combat the show’s supreme villain, Eddie joined forces with the beloved main crew.

You can view the official trailer for ‘What Comes Around’ below before its theatrical release on August 4:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ‘What Comes Around’ movie

Who is the main character in ‘What Comes Around’?

Grace Van Dien plays the main character, Beth, in ‘What Comes Around.’

What is the basic plot of ‘What Comes Around’?

‘What Comes Around’ is a thriller movie about a young woman named Beth who believes she has found love with a man online, but things take a sinister turn when he becomes a stalker.

Who is directing ‘What Comes Around’?

Amy Redford is the director of ‘What Comes Around.’

Who else stars in ‘What Comes Around’?

Other actors in ‘What Comes Around’ include Kyle Gallner, Jesse Garcia, and Summer Phoenix.

When is ‘What Comes Around’ releasing in theatres?

‘What Comes Around’ is set to release in theatres on August 4.

What was Grace Van Dien’s role before ‘What Comes Around’?

Before ‘What Comes Around,’ Grace Van Dien was known for her role as Chrissy Cunningham in the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things.’

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