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‘Flora and Son’ Trailer Strikes a Chord with a Soul-Stirring Eve Hewson-Fronted Drama

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Legendary filmmaker John Carney, known for turning music into cinematic gold with hits like Once, Sing Street, and Begin Again, is tuning up another symphony of emotions with Flora and Son. This fresh flick appears to be the next resonating masterpiece on his illustrious list.

Unveiled in the trailer is a melody of romance between Eve Hewson’s character Flora and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Jack. Their musical bonding leads to a collaboration aimed at helping Flora’s son find more than just a hobby; they’re looking to find a beat to his life.

Flora and Son is poised to pluck at your heartstrings, as it explores a tender connection between a mother and son, highlighting how music can be a powerful and transformative force in life.

Mastering the harmony of musical movies, John Carney has composed another one that’s filled with connection and passion. This isn’t just about loving music; it’s about loving life through music. The newly released trailer for Flora and Son, a show-stealer at the Sundance Film Festival, narrates the tale of a mom striving to groove into her son’s world, doing everything possible to be the “cool mom,” even if it involves online guitar lessons, against her ex’s wishes.

Playing the character Flora is Eve Hewson. Despite being Bono’s real-life daughter, she’s no guitar virtuoso in the film, but this leads to a charming first encounter with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jack, the online guitar maestro. Meanwhile, her ex Ian (Jack Reynor) has joint custody of their son Max (Orén Kinlan), who’s jamming to a rebellious rhythm. When Max faces legal troubles, the law recommends Flora find him a hobby. Enter the world of music. The official synopsis of Flora and Son plays out like a beautiful song:

“Single mother Flora is baffled by her unruly teen son, Max. Urged by the police to engage Max in a hobby, Flora strums him into the world of music with a well-worn acoustic guitar. Assisted by a faded LA musician, Flora and Max uncover the magic of music. Orchestrated by John Carney, ‘Flora and Son’ explores a mother-son relationship that harmonizes into a new connection.”

‘Flora and Son’ Trailer Amplifies John Carney’s Collection of Musical Cinematic Love Affairs

What elevates this trailer to a virtuoso performance is how it resonates with Carney’s unique musical film signature. Renowned for mixing love, heartache, and a passion for music, Carney’s touch has already composed three outstanding films. Flora and Son looks set to continue this winning streak, especially with the talented duo of Hewson and Gordon-Levitt leading the band. Prepare for a soulful experience when Flora and Son hits theaters on September 22 and starts streaming on Apple TV+ on September 29. It’s time to let the music play!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword ‘Flora and Son’

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What is the movie ‘Flora and Son’ about?

‘Flora and Son’ explores the relationship between a single mother, her son, and their connection through music. It includes themes of love, parenting, and the transformative power of music.

Who stars in ‘Flora and Son’?

The film stars Eve Hewson as Flora and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jack, a guitar instructor. Supporting roles include Jack Reynor as Flora’s ex Ian and Orén Kinlan as their son Max.

Who is the director of ‘Flora and Son’?

John Carney, known for his work in the music movie genre, including films like Once, Sing Street, and Begin Again, directed ‘Flora and Son.’

When will ‘Flora and Son’ be released?

‘Flora and Son’ will be released in theaters on September 22 and will be available for streaming on Apple TV+ starting September 29.

How does ‘Flora and Son’ relate to John Carney’s other films?

‘Flora and Son’ follows John Carney’s signature style of intertwining love stories with a profound love of music. It appears to be another heartfelt addition to his repertoire.

Is there a real-life connection between Eve Hewson and music?

Yes, Eve Hewson is Bono’s daughter in real life, adding an extra layer of connection to her role in a music-themed film.

What’s the inspiration for Flora’s character to play the guitar?

Flora’s character takes up playing the guitar and taking online lessons to connect with her rebellious teenage son and to seem “cool” in his eyes, despite what her ex-partner thinks she can do.

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JenLuvMovies August 24, 2023 - 3:43 am

So excited for Sept 22 I’m going to the first showin, anyone else?

TechGeek77 August 24, 2023 - 6:54 am

Streamin on Apple TV+ so soon after theater release Thats awesome i prefer watching at home

RebelliousMax August 24, 2023 - 3:16 pm

lol this film might be about me rebellious teen and all, mom should totally watch. she could learn a thing or two!

GuitarGuru August 24, 2023 - 4:07 pm

Flora and Son seem like my kinda film music and family what’s not to love???

MovieFan2023 August 24, 2023 - 5:04 pm

can’t wait for this movie to drop! looks so heartwarming and emotional. plus eve hewson? Yea count me in.

CarneyCrazed August 24, 2023 - 5:20 pm

John Carney never disappoints, Once Sing Street Begin Again all masterpieces. and this one, it’s gonna be another gem.


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