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Get a First Look at Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo in ‘Wicked’!

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Jon M. Chu just released amazing first look images of the upcoming movie adaptation for ‘Wicked’. It took years to complete, but it’s finally happening and will be released next year. But that’s not all, it’s gonna be so big that they have to split it into two parts! Get ready to see a movie that has changed people’s views on The Wizard of Oz since 2003.

The new images show two people dressed as Elphaba and Glinda, who we used to call Galinda. The play Wicked tells us the story of how Elphaba and Galinda at Shiz University become friends (and eventually enemies). When she was younger, Elphaba had a difficult past but still managed to focus on her dreams. People could tell she was magical from the start, but others didn’t want anything to do with her, which made her feel like an outcast.

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In an interview with FilmSweep, Erivo noted how the upcoming movie and Broadway show are completely different. This is because they tell stories using different methods; in the movie version, we will get to know the characters more as we spend more time with them on the big screen. Originally intended to be one movie, Wicked was split into two parts. Though it has been shifted around a bit on the release calendar so it doesn’t clash with many other movies, Wicked: Part One will soon arrive at cinemas!

Jeff Goldblum just announced that he will be part of the cast in the upcoming musical, “Wicked”!

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Jon M. Chu has been making the most of his last few years, directing movie versions of popular Broadway musicals. Before he created the Wicked films, he worked on the big screen version of In The Heights, a musical made by Lin-Manuel Miranda before Hamilton blew up all over the world. And it seems like Chu isn’t done with his passion for musicals yet, as recently announced that he is set to direct Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for Amazon Studios. At this moment, it is unclear when this adaptation will be made since Chu still has some more work to do with Wicked in coming years.

While you wait for new info about Wicked: Part One, check out the official pictures from the movie’s filming! The images are below.

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