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Get Ready for a Thrilling Adventure With ‘The Black Demon’ Watch Josh Lucas Protect His Family From a Shark Attack

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Get ready! The newest shark movie, ‘The Black Demon’, has released a trailer and it is sure to be epic! Josh Lucas from the show Yellowstone stars as Paul Sturges, an oilman on vacation with his family. But when they arrive at their destination, it’s completely abandoned and there’s a really scary looking shark lurking in nearby waters. This movie promises to thrill you with suspenseful scenes – so make sure you watch it if you’re into these kinds of movies!

At the start of the trailer, we get to meet the Sturges family; Paul, his wife and their two kids. They are all happy as they make their way on their vacation trip. Suddenly, a creepy soundtrack plays, transforming the whole atmosphere into something eerie. Once they arrive at town Bahia Negra, they notice that it isn’t the same place anymore. Paul goes off to explore an old oil rig nearby and is later followed by his family. But a man stranded in the rig tells them about a scary monster living undersea which threw all their plans out of whack!

A person told Paul that the shark is actually a curse brought on by humans’ activities, like dumping oil in its home. If a sacrifice isn’t made, it will keep fighting and trying to get revenge. So, everyone on board has to fight for their lives against a huge black shark which can tear boats apart. Can anyone survive this dangerous situation?

‘Yellowstone’, a show featuring Josh Lucas, needs to have its own prequel.

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The action thriller movie is based on an old Mexican legend. Carlos Cisco’s story was turned into a screenplay by Boise Esquerra and it was directed by Rambo: Last Blood director, Adrian Grünberg. The movie was shot in the Dominican Republic and it stars Lucas, Fernanda Urrejola, Julio Cesar Cedillo, Jorge A. Jimenez, Héctor Jiménez, Edgar Flores and Carlos Solórzano.

The movie called The Black Demon has a new release date! Instead of April 28, it will now come out in theaters nationwide on April 21. Also, this summer Jason Statham is coming out with another shark movie named The Meg 2: The Trench – so get ready to watch them both! Don’t forget to check out the trailer and synopsis for The Black Demon.

Paul Sturges and his family were on an enjoyable vacation when a giant shark suddenly interrupted their pleasant time. The megalodon shark was extremely aggressive, leaving Paul’s family in a scary situation. They needed to get back to shore fast so the monster shark didn’t hurt them. It was a daring battle between people against nature that would determine if they would survive or not!

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