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Get Ready for the Thrills With Olivia Colman and Her Latest Movie, ‘Joyride’ – Now Available on DVD and Digital

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Joyride is a 2022 comedy movie about two unlikely characters. It follows a 12-year-old runaway and a first-time mom who team up on an exciting journey through the beautiful Irish countryside. They get to know each other and find comfort in one another’s company as they embark on this wild adventure. You can get the feel-good movie when it comes out on March 21, 2021 both digitally or as a DVD through Magnolia Home Entertainment. To give you a little taste of what’s to come, watch the newly released clip featuring Olivia Colman and Charlie Reid!

Now, I’m going to take out all the hard-to-understand words and phrases from the passage above and replace them with easier ones that will make it easier for a thirteen-year-old to get the key ideas.

In a video posted to ComingSoon.net, Joy is seen speeding through the road with Mully yelling for help and asking her who is in her trunk – giving them the impression that someone is trapped inside. As they come from different backgrounds, they experience difficulty getting along but soon realise their chance meeting could be the start of something great. Colman, well-known for her roles in The Crown, The Father, Les Misérables, The Favourite and Broadchurch stars as Joy – a woman who’s nothing like her name would suggest.

Joy wants to bring her baby to her sister, because she hasn’t decided if she wants to keep it. While trying to process the idea of being a mother and battling post-partum depression, Mully – a runaway teenager – tried to steal Joy’s taxi before realizing he wasn’t alone in the car. At just 12 years old, Mully is still mourning his mum who died as well as dealing with a dad focused on the money he’s gathered for charity. Since they both share difficulties and have different objectives, they form an unexpected bond while traveling through Ireland.

‘Moving On’ will now be available to purchase on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital!

Overcome Difficult Situations and Find Success with Joyride!

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Directed by Emer Reynolds and written by Ailbhe Keogan, Joyride is a great mix of comedy and drama. It shows how even in the weirdest circumstances, we can find friendship. People were really happy to see Reid’s first appearance on the big screen, while actress Colman is known for winning an Academy Award for her excellent roles in movies and television shows. Other cast members include Lochlann O’Mearáin as James, Elaine Kennedy as Rita, Olwen Fouéré as Sideline Sue, Aislín McGuckin as Angela, and Tristan Heanue as Garda.

Check out the 2022 movie “Joyride”, it’s available now to watch on your computer or TV. You can also find it on DVD! Check out the preview below.

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