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Get Ready To Be Amazed: Michael B. Jordan Delivers a Knockout In ‘Creed III’ Behind-the-Scenes Video

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Lately, theaters have been showing more and more sports movies. People also like to talk about how much actors put in to learning the craft they are trying to portray on screen. The movie Creed III is not an exception. It follows Apollo Creed’s son Adonis (played by Michael B. Jordan)as he fights against his old best friend Damian (Jonathan Majors). It tells a story of complicated loyalty, hurtful memories and heroic actions. A new clip from the movie shows just how dedicated Jordan is to getting his role right!

Michael Jordan stars in a new video, standing in front of the same beautiful mountain backdrop we saw in his movie. He looks great, like a real boxer, as he spars with boxing coach Ann Najjar. He throws punch after punch and seems to be practicing his skills and getting better with every combination.

Jordan had to take on a lot of jobs for the project, not only as an actor but also as director. He had to manage both roles efficiently and skillfully so he could do everything right. We can already tell how well he did his job since before Creed III’s release, there were videos of Jordan switching between being in front of the camera and going behind it with ease just to check if the shots were all good.

If you’re curious: the movie “Creed III” has set a day for streaming!

“Creed III

Jordan worked really hard on the film, which earned lots of compliments and made $224 million at the box office. It was so good that it turned out to be one of the biggest sports movie openings in US history. Its huge success has caused talks between Amazon and this movie franchise to expand further.

Creed III was a big hit with audiences and critics, which gave the film’s main actors a great opportunity to advance in their careers. Unfortunately, Creed III’s villain Majors found himself at the center of attention for a less welcome reason – the New York Police Department said he had gotten involved in a fight at his home. He is charged with strangling someone, attacking them, and harassing them. His lawyer has stated that Majors is “totally innocent” and “was actually one of the victims of the altercation”. He will go to court next month where he will face these charges.

Creed III is now available to watch on Prime Video! Plus, there’s an awesome BTS (Behind The Scenes) clip you can watch too.

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