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Get Ready To Be Spooked! Pluto TV Announces Halfway To Halloween Event “April Ghouls”

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2023 has been a great year for horror fans, with new scary movies coming up in April – like Evil Dead Rise, Renfield and The Pope’s Exorcist – to get everyone ready for Halloween. If that’s still not enough for you, Pluto TV are having an entire month of horror themed fun called ‘April Ghouls’ to celebrate being halfway to Halloween.

Celebrate April Fool’s Day with some of your favorite horror films! From April 1st onwards, you can stream lots of horror films on a popular platform. Some new titles include An American Werewolf in London, The Monster Squad and Sorority Row etc. If you’re looking for fan favorites, there will be When A Stranger Calls, The Ring and Evil Dead 2013 to watch. At the end of the event in April, six Saw films, Kill Me Now and The Love Ones will no longer be available. During this month there will also be marathons like Scream (on April 1st, 25th and 29th at 8 PM ET) and Saw Sunday marathon (starting 12PM ET on 2nd Apr). Have fun streaming!

The last few years have been great for all the horror fans out there! Movie franchises like Halloween, Scream and Hellraiser are back, and streaming services such as Pluto now offer special scary movie events. April Ghouls is the latest one of these events and it’s sure to satisfy both newbies and real horror fanatics with its wide selection of films. If you’re just getting into this genre, we recommend some classics like An American Werewolf in London, Urban Legend, Hellraiser and Evil Dead – or for a psychological thrill try Oculus! Horror movies will be everywhere this April so don’t miss out on your chance to get scared thanks to Pluto TV.

This April, horror fans have a special surprise! Pluto TV has an entire channel dedicated to horror titles. You can check out these nine films and shows that are perfect for Halloween:

– The Hole in the Ground

– A Haunted House

– An American Werewolf in London

– The Collection

– The Dark Half

– The Devil Inside

– Hostel and Hostel: Part II

– Martyrs (2008)

– The Monster Squad

This month, be sure to check out some fan favorites and highlights like NOS4A2, When A Stranger Calls, Poltergeist II: The Other Side, Evil Dead (2013), The Ring, Stigmata, Friday the 13th Part II, Urban Legend, Cloverfield, My Bloody Valentine and a few other great movies like Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse, Sorority Row, The Raven, The Relic, The Ruins and Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween II. Enjoy!

Don’t miss out on these classic and creepy horror films, because they could disappear soon! Here is the list of films you need to watch before April ends: Hellraiser, Saw 1-6, Kill Me Now and The Loved Ones. Plus, Oculus and the first three Screams will be playing throughout the month of April on Pluto TV Horror. All programs times come in EST (Eastern Standard Time). Make sure you don’t miss it and have a spooky April!

Pluto TV Horror is hosting some awesome events starting with “Saw Sunday” on April 2. During this event you can watch Saw 1-7 starting at noon. They will also be showing a Found Footage Marathon featuring Cloverfield on April 15 from 8p.m. Finally, don’t miss out on the full moon streaming of An American Werewolf in London starting at 8p.m on Thursday, April 6!

This month, Thursday the 13th is here, so watch “Friday the 13th Part II” at 8pm on Pluto TV Horror! Also, on Friday April 14th, Nicholas Cage’s new vampire film “Renfield” will be in theaters. Before you go see it, brush up on his classic vampire movie “Vampire’s Kiss” by watching it also at 8pm on Pluto TV Cult Films that day.

Remember all of your favorite spooky movies from sleepovers? Pluto TV’s Saturday Movies Night is bringing them back! Every Saturday at 8pm, you can watch old classics like “Dark Shadows: The Vampire’s Curse,” “Frankenstein,” “Dracula,” and more.

Plus, there’ll be marathons and showings for thrill-packed series like Charmed, The Twilight Zone, The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Unsolved Mysteries, UFO Hunters and Young Dracula!

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