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Get to Know Mackenyu’s Live-Action Saint Seiya from the ‘Knights of the Zodiac’ Trailer

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Director Tomasz Bagiński is about to introduce us to the world of Saint Seiya, a story from the 80s about five teenage heroes called “saints” who have magical powers and use them to protect goddess Athena from harm. Sony Pictures has released a new trailer that shows Seiya, one of these saints, discovering his great strength and entering an amazing battle between gods.

Mackenyu stars as Seiya, a bold and daring street kid who finds out he has mysterious powers when he is fighting in the ring. Someone named Alman Kiddo (Sean Bean) sees him and wants Seiya to fight for someone named Sienna (Madison Iseman). Sienna has been having visions of the goddess Athena destroying everyone and everything, so they want Seiya to help protect her. To do that, he must learn to use his own capabilities. He doesn’t understand it at first but soon discovers that he is capable of doing incredible things like defeating opponents with ease, gaining attention from the people opposing Athena.

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The movie “Knights of the Zodiac” features an excellent cast, such as Mackenyu, Bean, Iseman, Famke Janssen, Nick Stahl and Diego Tinoco. The effects and action scenes look incredible with some stunning shots of Seiya and Athena using their powers. The trailer finale also promises a thrilling battle between knights.

Ready to Experience “Knights of the Zodiac”? Masami Kurumada’s Popular Franchise is Finally Here!

The movie, Knights of the Zodiac, is being directed by Oscar-nominated Bagiński based on a screenplay written by 10 Cloverfield Lane writer Josh Campbell and also Matt Stuecken and Kiel Murray. The basis for this movie comes from a famous Japanese franchise called Saint Seiya which was first created by Masami Kurumada. This franchise has now been turned into multiple anime series as well as recently having a CG remake made for Netflix. This will be the very first time that it has been adapted onto the big screen!

The movie, Knights of the Zodiacs, is coming out on May 12th. It’s part of a big event for anime movies because Mackenyu will be starring in a live-action adaption of One Piece in 2023 too! Take a look at the video trailer to Saint Seiya film!

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