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‘Gray Matter’ Preview: Witness the Might of Mia Isaac

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This July, Max is set to add a fresh original film to its content roster with the launch of the sci-fi thriller Gray Matter. The upcoming movie centers around a teenager and her mother, both of whom possess special abilities. The official trailer was released by Max ahead of the film’s premiere on July 13.

Gray Matter showcases the extraordinary capabilities of Aurora and her mother, Ayla. These superhuman abilities, which began with Ayla and were later passed down to Aurora, bind them together. Despite their power, Ayla ensures that Aurora’s abilities are not unregulated, guiding her to control and use them effectively. However, a devastating accident thrusts Aurora into a position where she has to shape her own destiny and face her past, a confrontation that may reveal harsh truths.


While the trailer refrains from revealing the specifics of the accident, it emphasizes the potency of Aurora’s powers and their crucial importance. The initial part of the trailer offers glimpses of Aurora’s capabilities, showing the guidance she received from her mother. But Aurora isn’t eager to display her abilities before others, a sentiment that seems understandable considering she’s in a facility where her autonomy is severely limited. The trailer turns darker in the latter half. Aurora senses something off with Ayla, but struggles to uncover the truth. As she delves deeper, she uncovers increasingly disturbing truths.

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Meet the Cast and Crew of Gray Matter

Gray Matter features Jessica Francis Dukes, Mia Isaac, and Garret Dillahunt, among others. Dukes was recently seen in the third and fourth seasons of Netflix’s Ozark as Special Agent Maya Miller, and her latest role is in the recently premiered Western Organ Trail. Isaac gained recognition for her performance in Hulu’s original movie Not Okay, while Dillahunt has a broad portfolio of roles in film and TV, with appearances in projects like Where the Crawdads Sing, The Mindy Project, and Raising Hope.

Phil Gelatt penned the script for Gray Matter, and the film introduces Meko Winbush as a first-time director. The film was produced by Jeanette Volturno, Yolanda T. Cochran, and Jessica Malanaphy for CatchLight Studios. The executive producers roster boasts names like HOORAE’s Issa Rae, Montrel McKay, Sara Rastogi, 3 Arts Entertainment’s Jonathan Berry and Dave Becky, Miramax Television’s Bill Block and Marc Helwig, and Celia Khong and Nichole Roberts, with Jax Clark acting as co-producer for HOORAE.

Gray Matter is set to premiere on July 13 on Max. The trailer can be viewed below:

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