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Heather Graham Is Possessed by a Demonic Entity in ‘Suitable Flesh’ Red Band Trailer

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Supernatural Possession

Heather Graham Gets Spooky in ‘Suitable Flesh’ Red Band Trailer

Prepare to be spooked and thrilled as director Joe Lynch takes us on a wild ride in his upcoming horror flick, Suitable Flesh. This mind-bending trailer is a rollercoaster of terror, inspired by the chilling works of horror maestro HP Lovecraft, particularly “The Thing on the Doorstep.” Starring the talented Barbara Crampton, the enigmatic Heather Graham, and the promising Judah Lewis, this film promises to be a frightful journey filled with hair-raising twists and turns.

In this heart-pounding trailer, we see Heather Graham stepping into the shoes of psychiatrist Elizabeth Derby, who appears to have it all: the perfect life, the perfect husband, and a thriving career. But, as any seasoned horror fan knows, perfection in cinema rarely lasts. Elizabeth’s life takes a sinister turn when her professional boundaries blur, and she becomes intimately involved with a patient, portrayed by Judah Lewis. Little does she know that this connection will lead her down a dark and otherworldly path, as a malevolent entity takes possession of her body.

The trailer walks a fine line between sensuality and terror as this demonic force seizes control of Elizabeth’s existence. Meanwhile, Barbara Crampton’s character, a colleague of Elizabeth’s, embarks on a chilling investigation to uncover the truth behind these eerie events. From the looks of it, Joe Lynch seems to have expertly adapted Lovecraft’s tale for modern audiences, promising an engaging and hair-raising experience that will leave viewers both captivated and frightened.

So, what can you expect from ‘Suitable Flesh’? Well, the original short story, “The Thing on the Doorstep,” centers on an occult-obsessed student who ties the knot with a mysterious woman who shares his dark interests. Narrated by the student’s best friend, the story takes a horrifying turn when he realizes that his new bride is hell-bent on taking over his very being. But here’s the real kicker: she’s not alone in her possession. Her own father’s spirit has also staked a claim on her body, adding a disturbing layer to this spine-tingling narrative.

The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including talents like Bruce Davison, Johnathon Schaech, JD Evermore, Hunter Womack, and more. Lynch takes the helm, guiding the ship with a script by Dennis Paoli, who’s no stranger to adapting Lovecraft’s works, having previously brought “Re-Animator” to life in 1985. That film turned Barbara Crampton into a scream queen alongside Jeffrey Combs and Bruce Abbott, as they delved into the macabre world of bringing the dead back to life, with horrifying consequences.

Mark your calendars for October 27, because that’s when “Suitable Flesh” will make its premiere in theaters and on VOD. For now, you can quench your curiosity by watching the tantalizing trailer below:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Supernatural Possession

What is “Suitable Flesh” about?

“Suitable Flesh” is a horror film inspired by HP Lovecraft’s “The Thing on the Doorstep.” It follows psychiatrist Elizabeth Derby, played by Heather Graham, whose life takes a terrifying turn when she becomes entangled with a supernatural entity that possesses her body.

Who stars in the film?

The film features notable actors, including Barbara Crampton, Heather Graham, and Judah Lewis in leading roles. Barbara Crampton plays Elizabeth’s colleague, who investigates the eerie events.

Is this movie faithful to Lovecraft’s work?

While it draws inspiration from Lovecraft’s story, “Suitable Flesh” is a modern adaptation that aims to engage and surprise today’s audiences. It incorporates Lovecraftian elements into a fresh narrative.

When can we expect to watch “Suitable Flesh”?

The film is set to premiere in theaters and on VOD on October 27, so mark your calendar for a spine-tingling experience just in time for Halloween.

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10/27 in theaters & VOD, 2 spooky 4 me!

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heather graham in a horror? can’t wait 2 see tht

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