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How Much John Wick Is There in ‘Ballerina’? Shay Hatten Reveals All

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If you’re a big John Wick fan, then buckle up! After “John Wick: Chapter 4”, there is something more to look forward to. The movie called “Ballerina” introduces new hero Ana De Armas and is directed by Len Wiseman. It also brings back Anjelica Huston as The Director from “Parabellum” as well as Keanu Reeves, Ian McShane and Lance Reddick with cameo appearances in one of his final roles.

Recently, FilmSweep interviewed one of the writers of Ballerina. Shay Hatten told us some cool things about a character in the movie called Rooney – who was played by Unity Phelan. He talked about her backstory and other stuff related to her role in this movie.

In the new movie ‘Ballerina’, there’s a character who went through similar training to John in the Anjelica Huston ballet academy that we saw in one of the movies. But instead, he goes to another part of the world and an entirely different community which hasn’t been seen before in any other John Wick movie.

The John Wick movies are known for taking us to different cities around the world, and it looks like Ballerina will explore a new place. According to haten, they’re dedicated creating an awesome experience wherever it fits in the story.

John Wick Joins the Cast of ‘Ballerina’

Many viewers might be wondering, “Where is John Wick?” while watching the movie ‘Ballerina’. Actor Keanu Reeves was on set filming for about a week and actress Mary-Louise Parker just filmed for a day. They added Reeves’ character to the movie at the last minute, so there could be more of him than expected.

Then I explained further by saying:

We convinced him to be a part of the movie and have an important role. He’s really a special character and not just there for like one scene. We can’t reveal too much, but you’ll be excited when you see his part in the movie! It was really cool because we had to set it between movies three and four because John needed some time to recover from the end of movie three where he got shot off a roof. He needed some time to heal himself before starting movie four somewhere else on the other side of the world. This piece will give us an answer about how he got there and it’s something that people should find interesting.

Hatten also discussed writing the script with Emerald Fennell, and explained how her contributions changed the original script when she joined.

When I first wrote the script, I had to do some rewriting afterwards. Then, when Ana de Armas and Emerald joined in they added some of their ideas too. Later on, when I read what they had written, I could really tell that they were really talented because a lot of their ideas strongly impacted the movie. It was really cool to see what an amazing writer could bring to a character’s story. So in short, just having them involved ended up bringing so much more to the movie!

John Wick: Chapter 4 is doing really well and people like what they’re seeing. We think Ballerina may have her own series in the near future! You can now find John Wick: Chapter 4 at movie theaters near you. If you want to learn more, check out our interview with Keanu Reeves and Chad Stahelski, the director of John Wick 4.

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