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‘Insidious: The Red Door’ Crowned as the Top-Grossing Horror Film of 2023 Globally

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Insidious: The Red Door Top-Grossing Horror Film

Insidious: The Red Door” has snatched the crown of the highest-earning horror movie of 2023, outrunning “M3GAN” by generating a global total of $182.5 million. The movie’s triumph is significantly driven by its robust performance internationally, specifically in Mexico and the UK. Although releasing it alongside big summer hits such as Indiana Jones and Mission: Impossible was a gamble, it turned out to be a lucrative decision for the horror series.

Sony’s horror production, “Insidious: The Red Door,” opened to satisfactory reviews and swiftly rose to become the highest-earning movie of the Insidious series. Now it can add a new feather to its cap as it’s the top-grossing horror movie for 2023.

“Insidious: The Red Door” has hauled in $182.5 million worldwide after being in cinemas for a month, surpassing Universal’s “M3GAN,” which formerly held the position of 2023’s highest-earning horror film with a global total of $180 million. Even though both films were launched by competing studios, they share the common ground of being products of Blumhouse Productions, known for its consistent successful releases in recent years.

The latest Insidious film achieved this feat by garnering another $2.5 million from overseas this past weekend, from more than 2,200 screens across 59 international markets. This results in a cumulative international total of $101.8 million. Coupled with the film’s domestic proceeds, which added another $1.1 million over the weekend from 824 screens across the US, the film’s domestic earnings have surged to $80.6 million. The movie’s highest international market is Mexico, with a cumulative total of $13.8 million, closely followed by the UK contributing another $10 million.

Sony must be pleased with “Insidious: The Red Door’s” performance, especially considering it debuted amidst formidable competition. The film premiered concurrently with Disney and Lucasfilm’s “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” and Paramount’s “Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One,” both predicted to be heavy hitters. While “Dial of Destiny” has consistently underperformed, “Mission: Impossible” is nearing half a billion dollars in global box office revenues, having recently surpassed $493 million. Further, Insidious had to contend with the subsequent release of Universal’s “Oppenheimer” and Warner Bros.’ “Barbie,” the “Barbenheimer” duo already amassing nearly $1.5 billion globally between them.

Releasing any film in the wake of “Barbenheimer” was undeniably a high-stakes bet for any studio, but it seems to have worked in favor of the horror series. Fans were likely keen to appreciate Patrick Wilson’s work, who not only reprised his role as Josh Lambert but also directed the film, marking his directorial debut. “Insidious: The Red Door” also stars Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, Hiam Abbass, and Sinclair Daniel. Wilson directed from a screenplay by Scott Teems based on a story by Teems and Leigh Whannell. The film was produced by franchise co-creator James Wan, Oren Peli, and Whannell for Screen Gems and Stage 6 Films, and Jason Blum for Blumhouse.

Sony is expected to rake in more revenue as the film has recently been released for digital streaming. The future of the Insidious franchise remains uncertain, with “The Red Door” being marketed as the final chapter for the Lambert family. Nevertheless, a spinoff titled “Thread: An Insidious Tale” is reportedly underway, featuring Kumail Nanjiani and Mandy Moore, and to be directed by “Moon Knight” head writer Jeremy Slater.

Below you can watch FilmSweep’s interview with Wilson discussing the film:

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