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Is a Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel Coming? Chris Pratt Reveals What the Post Credits Scene Will Hint At

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Chris Pratt, the star of the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie, said that the people who are making it have been talking about making sequels and movies about other games like Luigi’s Mansion.

Nintendo has been a famous video game company for many years, but they haven’t made too many movies based off their video game characters. The last movie to feature Mario was released in 1993 and it didn’t do well, so Nintendo avoided making movies after that. But now, with the help of Illumination Studios, the Super Mario Bros. Movie is finally happening! This time around the movie will stay faithful to the original Super Mario games.

Nintendo and Illumination are discussing the future of their movie franchise. Chris Pratt mentioned that there might be a sequel, which he is really excited about, plus they talked about a Gamecube game called “Luigi’s Mansion” which could also make a great movie.

Chris Pratt and Charlie Day were part of a team that found the perfect voices for Mario and Luigi in the ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’.

When the Super Mario Bros. Movie first came out, we were all wondering if there would be a special scene after the credits. Toys connected to the movie also showed off characters from Mario’s faraway adventures, which made us suspect that in the sequel maybe they would travel through space! But now it looks like Illumination and Nintendo are talking about making a film based on Luigi’s Mansion. This story would really show off Luigi’s personality as he is usually a bit nervous!

Luigi’s Mansion Series

Luigi’s Mansion first released on Nintendo GameCube in 2001. It is a funny and very scary game where Luigi goes on adventures to catch ghosts with his vacuum cleaner – just like in all the Ghostbusters movies! People liked it so much that Nintendo made two more games for the Luigi’s Mansion series and now there is an even newer game for Switch. Plus, lots of stuff inspired by this game have been sold which has made Luigi become popular on his own, not just as Mario’s sidekick.

If the new Super Mario Bros. movie does well, Nintendo can take even more video game characters to theaters! Donkey Kong and his family are already in the Mushroom Kingdom, so maybe we’ll see Luigi’s Mansion next! Or what about Yoshi’s Island or Warioland? There’s even a chance that Kirby might get to join in if the story goes into space. Already, there are lots of game references in just the trailer for the movie – so if it succeeds, we could explore this huge universe even further!

The Super Mario Bros. movie is finally here! On April 7th, you can watch the movie from your local theater. FilmSweep has recently interviewed Pratt and Day to talk more about it so be sure to check that out!

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