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John Kramer Administers Distorted Retribution in Initial ‘Saw X’ Trailer

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The infamous Jigsaw makes a comeback in Saw X, the tenth chapter of the Saw saga, with the film placed chronologically between Saw and Saw II. In this chapter, Jigsaw embarks on a quest for a solution to his lethal cancer in Mexico, only to stumble upon a deceitful scheme. The forthcoming film could shed more light on Amanda’s character and her shift towards evil. Fans can engage with Jigsaw’s terrifying games by dialing a phone number for updates.

Are you set for another round of terror? Jigsaw sure is, and this September, he is set to revisit our screens with his dreadful escapades in Saw X, the tenth sequel from Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures’ Saw series. The upcoming film offers a time leap, delving once again into John Kramer’s search for a cure, situated between the original Saw and Saw II. Lionsgate sparked intrigue with a sneak peek of Tobin Bell reprising his role as the notorious serial killer before dropping the first trailer ahead of the movie’s launch on September 29.

Saw X follows the chronological order after the introductory game that exhibited Jigsaw’s gruesome tactics. Kramer has since progressed from the notorious bathroom trap, relentlessly fighting his incurable cancer. Against all odds, Kramer clings onto the remote possibility that a cure exists somewhere. Thus, he embarks on a journey to Mexico in search of a potentially life-saving, albeit hazardous and experimental procedure. However, upon arrival, he discovers the operation is a deceitful scam exploiting the most vulnerable individuals. Consequently, Kramer’s focus swiftly shifts as he orchestrates his next wave of distorted and deadly retribution.

The Saw series commenced in 2004, introduced by Cary Elwes and Leigh Whannell who were the first in the long list of Jigsaw’s victims. Whannell’s character, Adam, did not last long, although he reprised his role in a scene illustrating his fate. Elwes also made a comeback, leading one of the franchise’s biggest plot twists. Moreover, Shawnee Smith is predicted to return as Amanda Young in Saw X, a character known for her surprising twists—including becoming Kramer’s protege. As the forthcoming film precedes Saw II, audiences might gain further insight into Amanda’s descent into villainy.

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Participation in Jigsaw’s Games is Now Open

To market Saw X, Lionsgate is extending an opportunity for viewers to partake in Jigsaw’s games — this time, devoid of any deadly traps. Recently, the official Saw X Twitter account posted a phone number which fans can call to hear John Kramer on the other end. A prompt to text the same number will then direct you to a website to sign up for movie updates via text. At the time of reporting, the only update received was a fresh image of Billy the puppet. In anticipation of Saw X’s release, further updates and exclusive sneak peeks will be disseminated via this number.

Saw X hits theaters on September 29. Check out the trailer below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Saw X

When is Saw X set in the franchise timeline?

Saw X is set between the original Saw movie and Saw II.

Who is returning for the cast of Saw X?

Tobin Bell is returning to his role as John Kramer, the notorious Jigsaw, and it is expected that Shawnee Smith will reprise her role as Amanda Young.

What does the new film explore about Jigsaw and Amanda Young’s characters?

Saw X delves into John Kramer’s journey in search of a cure for his terminal cancer and provides more insight into Amanda Young’s shift towards villainy.

How can fans interact with Jigsaw’s games to promote Saw X?

Lionsgate has shared a phone number on the official Saw X Twitter account that fans can call or text to receive updates about the movie.

When is the release date for Saw X?

Saw X is set to premiere in theaters on September 29.

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Jigsaw4Life July 31, 2023 - 4:17 pm

the phone number thing sounds fun, anyone tried it yet?

SpookySally July 31, 2023 - 10:02 pm

so excited for Tobin Bell’s return as Jigsaw, it won’t be the same without him!

CinemaLover August 1, 2023 - 2:27 am

Does anyone else think they are milking this franchise a bit too much?? just a thought, still gonna watch tho.

ThrillerBuff August 1, 2023 - 6:53 am

amanda’s backstory, now that’s something to look forward to! always wondered what made her turn.

HorrorFan99 August 1, 2023 - 8:26 am

finally a new Saw movie, cant wait!! been a fan since the first one. September cant come soon enough.


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