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Marvel Studios’ Victoria Alonso: Fired Over Involvement With ‘Argentina, 1985’?

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Alonso’s lawyer, Patty Glaser, recently said something to Variety about Alonso leaving Disney.

Victoria was fired from Disney for speaking out about a human rights and democracy project she had been working on, which happened to get nominated for an Oscar. It doesn’t make sense because Victoria is a brave gay Latina who stood up for what she believed in. But it looks like Disney and Marvel made a bad choice here which will have tricky consequences. Soon though, Victoria will share the full story soon — one way or another!

Last week, we heard some shocking news about Victoria Alonso. She had been working for Marvel Studios for almost two decades but suddenly left her job. Today, The Hollywood Reporter wrote about why she made this surprising decision to leave suddenly.

It looks like working on Argentina, 1985 – an Oscar-nominated drama – was the reason she left so quickly. Alonso was one of the producers that released the film globally by Amazon. Unfortunately, it wasn’t allowed according to her contract and she was warned several times about it; yet showing up to the Oscars last weekend as a representative for the movie was what made things really bad.

Disney made an agreement in 2018 that it employees should not work for any competing studios. But Disney found out that one of its respected employees, Alonso, had worked on a film called ‘Argentina, 1985’. This was seen as a violation of the company’s rules. However, because of her long-time service to the company and her respect, she was allowed to do this but only without doing further work on the film or advertising it.

Victoria Alonso, a Producer from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), has left Marvel Studios.

Despite this, she still managed to appear publicly and even at the Academy Awards in support of the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. She was in charge of supervising the visual effects as president of physical and post-production, visual effects and animation production. Due to the pandemic, her department was pushed to their limits with all the Marvel productions coming out for both theaters and television. People were not happy with the results since it didn’t meet up with Marvel standards.

Alonso was determined to make the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films more diverse. She wanted there to be more female leading characters and LGBTQ+ representation in the movies. Alonso discussed this in an interview with Steven Weintraub while promoting Captain Marvel, which was the first MCU film to have a female actor, Brie Larson, take a leading role. Her goal was for these films to not just focus around men.

Alonso worked at Marvel Studios since 2006 and was an executive producer. You can find her name on the new movie Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3 trailer, a movie released by Marvel Studios. Below is the trailer for Argentina, 1985.

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