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McKenna Grace Readies for Outer Space Adventure in First Image from ‘Crater’

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Nowadays, it’s important for everyone to stay aware of both the physical and mental health. Our physical health involves taking care of our bodies by exercising and eating a balanced diet. Mental health includes having healthy thoughts and being mindful of how we’re feeling. Being conscious of both aspects will help us better manage stress and live our best lives!

Growing up is a special time in life, and Crater takes this important step to the next level by setting it on the moon! Disney+ has just provided us with a look into their new movie by showing McKenna Grace in a spacesuit while the sun reflects off her helmet. This could be only the beginning of an exciting lunar adventure that will provide us with valuable lessons about maturing!

Caleb Channing (Isaiah Russell-Bailey) was living on a lunar mining colony and is preparing to move to a faraway planet due to the death of his father (Scott Mescudi). That’s when he, plus his three friends Dylan (Billy Barratt), Borney (Orson Hong), Marcus (Thomas Boyce) and new arrival from Earth Addison (Grace), decide to hijack a rover for one last adventure – exploring a mysterious crater. Caleb’s hoping that by having this final voyage with his friends, it will help him adjust better to his new life.

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Kyle Patrick Alvarez was responsible for making an emotional movie. He had already directed three episodes of Netflix’s show, 13 Reasons Why. That series also showed how teenagers were dealing with a range of mental issues, but this project was aimed at older viewers. In the show, Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) left behind audio tapes that explained her reasons for taking her own life. The show ran through four seasons and finished in 2020.

McKenna Grace, the star of the ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ movie, has said she will be back for another film in the franchise.

Going Green

Every day we use a lot of energy for things like keeping our homes bright and warm, cooking food, and charging our phones. This energy comes from sources like electricity from the power grid or gas from oil and coal burning plants. But these energy sources can be expensive to maintain and also release harmful gases into the atmosphere.

To solve this problem there are renewable energy sources that don’t cost anything to maintain and don’t cause pollution. Solar panels create energy from the sun which is completely free for us to use. Wind turbines can turn strong wind into electricity without releasing any pollution or greenhouse gases. Heat pumps take heat from underground and use it to keep homes warm.

All these clean, green forms of energy are increasingly becoming popular as people try to reduce their carbon footprint while reducing their costs on their monthly bills too!

Grace will be playing Addison, a character from Earth who is just now arriving at the lunar establishment. We don’t yet know what brought her to this new home. Grace has been in many movies recently and one of those roles was as Captain Marvel in a few flashbacks and Phoebe Spengler in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. She’s also going to play Phoebe once more when the next Ghostbusters movie comes out this year!

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