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Michael Cera Opens Up About Toughest ‘The Adults’ Scene to Shoot

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Sibling Dynamics


Unraveling the behind-the-scenes challenges of filming a particularly demanding scene in ‘The Adults,’ Michael Cera spills the beans on the physical and mental exertion the cast endured. The film navigates the journey of three siblings—Eric, Rachel, and Maggie—as they strive to mend their fractured familial bonds to salvage their once-close-knit unit.

Coming off the heels of ‘The Adults,’ Cera is set to dive into a fresh venture—an anime adaptation of ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,’ set to hit Netflix. Even more exciting, the original cast members will lend their voices to the animated personas in this unique rendition.

Known for his knack for comic relief through his endearingly awkward characters, Michael Cera brings a different flavor to ‘The Adults,’ a blend of comedy and drama that explores a family’s struggle to piece together their shattered relationships. Under the direction of Dustin Guy Defa, the upcoming movie marks the reunion of three estranged siblings, a reunion that’s been years in the making.

In an exclusive conversation with FilmSweep’s Taylor Gates, Cera delves into the most formidable sequence of the entire project—the one that posed the biggest filming challenge. Cera’s response, laced with a touch of surprise, uncovers an unexpected facet:

“When I think of difficult, my mind immediately goes to that scene in the backyard, where all of us characters engage in this intense showdown. It was an unpleasant scenario, made worse by the biting cold. Physically and mentally taxing, it also demanded a lot from us in terms of what we had to convey and remember—particularly for Hannah, who was practically losing her voice.”

Hannah Gross brings to life the character of Rachel, Eric’s (Cera) elder sister and a pivotal figure in the central conflict of the narrative. While their bond was stronger during their youth, the passage of time saw Eric and Rachel drift apart, with their reunion in their hometown unearthing a treasure trove of pent-up grievances. The very essence of their family’s unity hangs in the balance as they grapple to restore a connection that appears almost unrecognizable as the story kicks off. Failure to address their emotions could spell the end of their family as they know it.

But worry not, for they’re not alone in this endeavor. Their younger sister, Maggie (Sophia Lillis), stands steadfast alongside them as they confront their past and seek resolution. Armed with a determination to maintain equilibrium, Maggie takes on the task of keeping her family united, determined to prevent their paths from diverging for good.

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The Next Chapter for Michael Cera

Once the verdict is out on whether Eric manages to rebuild bridges with his sisters, Cera’s journey takes an intriguing turn. A good thirteen years after the worldwide phenomenon of ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,’ a tale that chronicled a young man’s quest to vanquish his love interest Ramona Flowers’ (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) ex-partners, all for a chance at a date, Netflix is resurrecting this heroic saga in a fresh format. This time around, an anime adaptation brings the story to life, mirroring the visual aesthetics of the original graphic novel. What’s more, the cast from the live-action version will lend their voices to breathe life into their animated alter egos.

Don’t miss out on our in-depth interview with Cera, Lillis, and Gross. And be sure to catch a glimpse of the official trailer for ‘The Adults’ below:

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