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Mike Flanagan Breaks His Silence – Denies Rumors He’s Making a Clayface Film for DC

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Today, it was reported that horror director Mike Flanagan wanted to make a movie about the Batman villain Clayface. People heard he had an interesting idea for the character to be seen in an different, less bad way. He and his partner Trevor Macy even talked with James Gunn and Peter Safran from Warner Bros. Discovery. Despite all the gossip, Flanagan shut down the rumors on Twitter.

Today we heard news that Clayface might be featured in the upcoming movie The Batman – Part II. However, this was only speculative and not confirmed yet. Conflicting reports around DC also mention that scripts for the next movie were fluctuating and that Clayface could be part of it. Before this, Matt Reeves was said to be working on new movies about some of the Rogues Gallery members such as Clayface, Scarecrow, and Professor Pyg. This news makes us think that they will most likely make their debut in The Batman – Part II.

It looks like Mike Flanagan and Henry Macy had a meeting with Dave Gunn and Mark Safran, but nothing has been officially announced or confirmed yet. In the past, Flanagan said he was interested in making a movie about Clayface and even pitched it to producer Jon Berg, but Berg didn’t want to do it.

“Flanagan to Unite with Gunn and Safran for DC Universe Projects!”

It looks like Flanagan is really into the DC Universe, and it would be great if he joined forces with Gunn and Safran for a project. He has already earned himself a lot of fans who love his horror movies and TV shows, like Doctor Sleep, which is an interesting take on Stephen King’s stories. A Clayface movie would fit in with the other unique projects they have planned, such as “Creature Commandos” and a Swamp Thing movie.

Flanafans still have a lot to look forward to from their director, even if those big dreams don’t become reality. For example, the director will be tackling King’s work once again with an adaptation of The Dark Tower, and they’ll also be releasing The Fall of the House of Usher this year. Plus, they’re joining Prime Video instead of Netflix so that more people can enjoy their shows.

Keep checking back with us at FilmSweep for the latest news about what Flanagan is doing and what DC has coming up in the future.

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