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New ‘Resident Evil: Death Island’ Poster Unites Beloved Characters in Epic Fight Against the Infected

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The Resident Evil movies are coming out with a new title, Resident Evil: Death Island. Fans can see the major characters Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield and Rebecca Chambers in the Japanese poster that was shared on Twitter by Resident Evil Central. The poster reveals July 7th as its release date in Japan.

Leon and Chris both have separate missions that are leading them towards Alcatraz. Leon is chasing after a group of kidnappers who have taken Dr. Antonio Taylor, but he runs into a mysterious woman along the way. Chris, on the other hand, is dealing with an outbreak in San Francisco and is heading to Alcatraz Island because it seems to be connected to all the victims. There are lots of scary things at Alcatraz ranging from zombies to creepy water lickers and even an actual lake monster like in Resident Evil 4. It looks like Chris will have a lot of help though if you look at the poster!

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The latest movie poster for Resident Evil shows five characters all standing near an island. It’s the first time that we will get to see all five together in one movie! In the games, Jill and Leon have never been in the same place at once, which is why fans are so excited – because they’ll finally get to meet each other in this new universe.

Check out the new trailer for the movie, George Romero’s Resident Evil – a video game adaptation directed by George Romero!

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Eiichirō Hasumi, most famous for creating the movie ‘Assassination Classroom’, is directing the new movie called ‘Resident Evil: Death Island’. Its producers are from the Berserk series. This will be the 4th animated movie based on the Resident Evil games. Three of these movies were released before and got reviews of varying success. The much-awaited remake of Resident Evil 4 was praised by many people upon release. However, apart from video games, Resident Evil didn’t really do well recently in forms such as a Netflix show which only lasted for one season and an unsuccessful film called Welcome to Raccoon City.

Resident Evil: Death Island is expected to be very popular with fans and it will come out in Japan on July 7. Unfortunately, there has not been an announcement for when the film will be released outside of Japan. Take a look at their new poster for the movie (see below).

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