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‘Night of the Demons’ Gets Ghoulish 4K Release From Scream Factory

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Scream Factory is set to release Kevin S. Tenet’s Night of the Demons in 4K this Fall, and not only that, but its sequels, Night of the Demons 2 and Night of the Demons 3, will also be available on Blu-ray. The Night of the Demons trilogy is getting multiple purchasing options, from individual films to an ultimate scary bundle, catering to fans’ preferences.

Scream Factory has become well-known for its excellent treatment of horror classics on physical media, and they continue this trend with the 4K release of Night of the Demons. The film franchise has amassed a devoted following due to its clever and chilling Halloween setting, making it a perfect addition to Scream Factory’s October Halloween lineup.

Fans can choose from four purchasing options for the trilogy. They can buy the films individually, with Night of the Demons on 4K priced at $36.99 and its sequels on Blu-ray for $31.98 each. Alternatively, there’s an option for all three films in their respective formats, which includes slipcovers and posters for the first two films, or a more comprehensive package with an enamel pin set. For the ultimate Night of the Demons fan, there’s a scary bundle that comes with additional lobby cards.

While the original Night of the Demons had previously been released on Blu-ray by Scream Factory, this marks the first time the sequels are getting the same treatment. The specific special features for the release haven’t been disclosed yet, but the first film’s Blu-ray will include all the special features from Scream Factory’s earlier edition. The trilogy’s release date is October 3, 2023.

Night of the Demons has garnered a cult following, thanks to its unique Halloween setting and entertaining gothic scares. The film’s setting in a morgue adds an original twist to the supernatural horror genre, with demonic possession and séances adding to the frights. The sequels maintain a similar spooky charm and contribute to the franchise’s appeal.

The pre-orders for the films are already available on Scream Factory’s website. Additionally, Night of the Demons is currently available for free streaming on Peacock and Tubi. With its ghoulish entertainment and cleverly crafted setting, the trilogy deserves a spot on any horror fan’s watchlist for the upcoming Halloween season, alongside other holiday classics like Halloween, Trick r’ Treat, and Terrifier.

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