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‘No Hard Feelings’ Makes a Remarkable Impression at the Global Box Office

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‘No Hard Feelings’ Achieves Remarkable Success at the Global Box Office

Sony’s latest R-rated studio comedy, ‘No Hard Feelings,’ has made an impressive impact at the worldwide box office, injecting new life into the genre. In just over 10 days since its release, the film has surpassed the $50 million mark globally, positioning itself as the highest-grossing original R-rated studio comedy since ‘Good Boys’ in 2019. Interestingly, both movies share the same director, Gene Stupnitsky, who, prior to his success in raunchy cinema, was renowned for his work on NBC’s ‘The Office’ alongside his producing partner Lee Eisenberg.

Featured as FilmSweep’s Video of the Day, ‘No Hard Feelings,’ starring Jennifer Lawrence—who also serves as a producer under her banner, Excellent Cadaver—has earned $31 million domestically and an additional $20 million from international territories, bringing its worldwide box office total to $51 million. In comparison, ‘Good Boys’ concluded its run with $83 million domestically and $111 million worldwide. Both films garnered positive reviews but were not without controversy. Some viewers expressed discomfort watching young characters engage in explicit behavior in ‘Good Boys,’ while ‘No Hard Feelings,’ a story about a millennial woman agreeing to “date” a sheltered teenage boy at his parents’ request, faced criticism for potentially promoting sexual grooming. Stupnitsky, addressing these concerns in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, emphasized the filmmakers’ conscientiousness in avoiding any inappropriate elements, assuring audiences that their perception would change after experiencing the film.

Currently holding a “fresh” rating of 69% on Rotten Tomatoes, ‘No Hard Feelings’ has garnered praise for Jennifer Lawrence’s performance. In his review, Nate Richard from FilmSweep commended Lawrence for her comedic prowess, both in dialogue and physical comedy, highlighting her daring choices on screen that paid off splendidly.

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This film represents a departure for the Oscar-winning actress, who had been involved in franchise films for several years but eventually grew disillusioned, leading her to take a two-year break. Lawrence shared during the London premiere that she couldn’t resist the script, co-written by Stupnitsky and John Phillips, which she considered the funniest she had ever read. Her co-star, newcomer Andrew Barth Feldman, even put his Harvard studies on hold to be part of the project.

Could this herald a revival for raunchy studio comedies?

Theatrical releases for movies like ‘No Hard Feelings’ have become increasingly rare, with most R-rated comedies opting for direct streaming platforms. The sub-genre arguably experienced its peak over a decade ago when any film even remotely related to Judd Apatow achieved tremendous success at the box office. Some of these comedies grossed over $200 million worldwide, and the pinnacle was reached with Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted,’ which surpassed $500 million in 2012. ‘Joy Ride,’ an upcoming film, aims to capitalize on the renewed interest in adult-oriented raunchy comedies when it hits theaters this Friday. For a glimpse of ‘No Hard Feelings,’ you can watch the red band trailer here, and stay tuned to FilmSweep for further updates.

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What is the global box office performance of “No Hard Feelings”?

“No Hard Feelings” has achieved remarkable success at the global box office, crossing the $50 million mark worldwide in just over 10 days since its release. It is on track to becoming the highest-grossing original R-rated studio comedy since 2019’s “Good Boys.”

Who directed “No Hard Feelings”?

Gene Stupnitsky directed “No Hard Feelings.” He is also known for his work on NBC’s “The Office” and has partnered with Lee Eisenberg.

What is the controversy surrounding “No Hard Feelings”?

The film faced criticism for potentially promoting sexual grooming due to its storyline about a millennial woman agreeing to “date” a sheltered teenage boy at his parents’ request. However, the filmmakers assured audiences that they took great care to avoid any inappropriate elements.

How did Jennifer Lawrence contribute to the film?

Jennifer Lawrence not only starred in “No Hard Feelings” but also served as a producer through her banner, Excellent Cadaver. She was drawn to the script, considering it the funniest she had ever read.

Is there a potential revival for raunchy studio comedies?

“No Hard Feelings” signifies a possible comeback for raunchy studio comedies, which have seen a decline in theatrical releases. The film’s success may contribute to renewed interest in adult-oriented comedies in the genre.

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BoxOfficeJunkie July 5, 2023 - 8:20 pm

wow, no hard feelin’ is breakin’ box offce records! gene stupnitsky did an amazin’ job directin’! can’t wait for more raunchy comedies like this!

MovieFan83 July 6, 2023 - 12:33 am

omg! this comedy is amazing! jennifer lawrence is sooo funny! cant believe it made so much $$$$! defo gonna watch it again LOL

MovieBuff101 July 6, 2023 - 11:27 am

jlaw’s comebk is lit! after a break, she delivers bigtime in no hard feelins. controversy schmontroversy, the movie’s hilarious! raunchy comedies r makin’ a comeback!

ComedyFanatic July 6, 2023 - 4:21 pm

watched no hard feelins, it’s a hoot! jennifer lawrence kills it in this r-rated comedy. controversy aside, it’s a much-needed breath of fresh air. more like this, please!


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