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‘Perpetrator’ Director Emphasizes Trust as the Backbone of Horror Filmmaking

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Filmmaking Trust

In the world of filmmaking, trust is the secret ingredient that can either make or break a project. Director Jennifer Reeder knows this all too well, and in a recent interview with FilmSweep’s Perri Nemiroff, she shed light on the crucial role of trust in the making of her latest horror film, “Perpetrator.”

The Power of Trust

Trust is a universal concept that transcends the boundaries of our daily lives. It’s the glue that holds human connections together, and in the realm of filmmaking, it’s nothing short of essential. Filmmakers, actors, and the entire production team rely on trust day in and day out to ensure that their collective efforts yield the best possible result.

The Enigmatic ‘Perpetrator’ Cast

“Perpetrator” boasts an ensemble cast that includes industry veterans like Alicia Silverstone (“Clueless”) and Chris Lowell (“Promising Young Woman”), but it’s the rising star Kiah McKirnan who takes center stage. In her role as an 18-year-old facing unexpected life changes, McKirnan delivers a standout performance that showcases her talent. Director Jennifer Reeder didn’t hesitate to praise McKirnan, emphasizing the deep trust that existed between them.

Reeder’s admiration for McKirnan goes beyond her acting chops. She commended the young star’s dedication, citing her theater background as a testament to her endurance. It’s clear that McKirnan put her heart and soul into the role, and Reeder was thrilled to work with someone who brought both professionalism and a friendly, open, and trusting attitude to the set.

The Heart of the Matter: Trust

But it’s not just the bond between director and star that matters. Reeder stressed that trust extends to all the actors involved in the film. Whether it’s a horror flick like “Perpetrator” or a more grounded story, the actor-director relationship is pivotal. As Reeder put it, “An actor has to trust their director, and [McKirnan] trusted me.” This trust forms the foundation of creative collaboration, and without it, a film would be devoid of its soul.

Reeder attested to feeling this trust not only from McKirnan but also from the entire ensemble, including Alicia Silverstone and Chris Lowell. It’s this trust that allows actors to explore vulnerability, embrace the weird, and even revel in the grotesque when the role demands it.

The Weight of Responsibility

Being a director isn’t just about calling the shots; it’s about shouldering immense responsibility. Reeder acknowledged the weight of her role, stating, “Walking on set is a huge responsibility over and over again because if something goes wrong, everyone looks at you.” Directors are often in the spotlight when things don’t go as planned, but success is often taken for granted.

Reeder’s final words underscored the essence of trust in her role as the team captain: “With the actors, especially if you’re asking them to be vulnerable, to be weird, to be gross, then there has to be that level of trust.” It’s a profound truth that resonates throughout “Perpetrator,” where the strong bond and trust between the cast and crew are palpable in every frame.


In the high-stakes world of filmmaking, trust isn’t just a nicety; it’s the cornerstone of creativity and collaboration. “Perpetrator” stands as a testament to the power of trust, where a director and her ensemble cast placed their faith in each other, resulting in a dark comedy horror feature that’s now thrilling audiences on Shudder. Trust, it seems, is the key that unlocks the magic of cinema.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Filmmaking Trust

Q: What is the main theme of the interview with Jennifer Reeder?

A: The main theme of the interview with Jennifer Reeder is the importance of trust in filmmaking, particularly the trust between a director and actors, as well as the overall cast and crew.

Q: Who are the notable cast members of the film ‘Perpetrator’ mentioned in the interview?

A: The interview mentions notable cast members of ‘Perpetrator,’ including Alicia Silverstone (known for “Clueless”) and Chris Lowell (known for “Promising Young Woman”), with a special focus on rising star Kiah McKirnan.

Q: How does Jennifer Reeder describe her working relationship with Kiah McKirnan?

A: Jennifer Reeder describes her working relationship with Kiah McKirnan as one based on trust and admiration. She highlights McKirnan’s dedication and theater background as factors that contributed to a strong, trusting collaboration.

Q: Why does Jennifer Reeder emphasize the importance of trust in filmmaking?

A: Jennifer Reeder emphasizes the importance of trust in filmmaking because it forms the foundation for creative collaboration, especially when actors are asked to explore vulnerability or take on unconventional roles. Trust is seen as crucial for the success of a film.

Q: What responsibility does Jennifer Reeder acknowledge as a director?

A: Jennifer Reeder acknowledges that being a director comes with immense responsibility. She mentions that if something goes wrong on set, all eyes are on the director. This responsibility extends to ensuring trust and a comfortable working environment for the actors.

Q: Where can viewers watch the film ‘Perpetrator’?

A: Viewers can watch the film ‘Perpetrator’ on the streaming platform Shudder, as mentioned in the interview.

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Alicia, Chris, n Kiah in 1 movie? Epic! Trust’s da bond dat makes it all happen. Jen’s got it right!

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Perpetrator on Shuddr? OMG! Gotta chk dat out ASAP. Trust’s like da secret sauce in filmmakin’.

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Wow! dis intervu ws an eye opener 4 me. Trust iz da real deal in makin’ movies. Gud 2 c da respect btwn Jennifer n Kiah.


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