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Play Now: Donkey Kong Has A Need For Speed In The ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Promo

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The Super Mario Bros. movie is coming to theaters soon! All the characters from the Nintendo game have their own promos, and this time it’s Donkey Kong’s turn in the spotlight, voiced by Seth Rogen. So get ready, it’s almost showtime!

Donkey Kong is having a good time, going really fast in a special car from Mario Kart. He’s not paying attention; instead, he’s dancing and showing off on the hood of his car. His car isn’t just any normal car though; it’s like an old-timey version, made to combine all the famous themes of Donkey Kong throughout its long 40+ year history! The yellow parts and banana decals are very well known features; that’s because Donkey Kong loves bananas more than anything!

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Kong’s kart has two barrel rockets on the top of it. Barrels are associated with Kong since his first appearance in Donkey Kong all the way back in 1981. In this game, Kong was the bad guy and he would throw barrels down at a character which we now call Mario. The same kind of barrels have been seen on Kong’s kart in several other games such as Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Some gamers may remember this particular type of barrel Rockets from some of these old games, which can make them feel a bit nostalgic.

HERE’S A SNEAK PEEK! Images from the new ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ give us a glimpse of their exciting journey in the Mushroom Kingdom!

Mario (played by Chris Pratt) and Luigi (played by Charlie Day) are two plumber brothers who get sucked into the Mushroom Kingdom. Unfortunately, Luigi gets kidnapped by the bad Bowser (Jack Black). Now Mario has to ask Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy) for help to save both his brother and the kingdom. Donkey Kong and his family join in the mission to save Luigi. This movie seems like a loving tribute to all of Nintendo’s characters, especially Donkey Kong being one of the oldest. We’re so excited to see what Jack Rogen does with this story!

Finally, the day that Mario fans have been waiting for is almost here – Super Mario Bros. will be showing in theaters on April 5th 2023! To get excited, you can check out the new trailer for Donkey Kong below!

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