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‘Prey 2’: Is Naru Gearing Up for More Alien Encounters? Amber Midthunder Weighs In

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In Prey, Amber Midthunder made her striking appearance as Naru, a resourceful young woman from the Comanche Nation who quickly learned how to fend off the intimidating Predator. Remember that hulking alien creature that gave even Arnold Schwarzenegger a tough time? With her prowess and determination, Naru took the Predator head-on, infusing a fresh spark into the series. As a result, the audience is eager to see more of Midthunder’s portrayal of Naru and the continuation of the Prey narrative.

Our correspondent, Perri Nemiroff, had an insightful conversation with Midthunder about the film and inquired about what lies ahead for Naru. As Prey concluded, Naru survived but remained wary about the potential return of the Predators. Thus, Nemiroff probed Midthunder about Naru’s future plans. She wondered if Naru would train her community to face the Predator should he reappear, or if she would prefer to move on.


Reflecting on the potential challenges Naru could encounter, Midthunder shared:

“I’ve always felt that it’s a ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worst’ type of situation. The movie takes the character on a journey and, by the end, there’s a sense of relief, of course, but also an understanding that there are always potential threats lurking, unforeseen dangers. Like the unexpected encounters with French fur trappers, for example. There are always new threats to discover. So, it’s not necessarily about preparing for more Predators; it’s about being ready for any unanticipated threats.”

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Craving More of Prey

Prey, as a part of the Predator franchise, brought a refreshing twist to a well-worn story. It empowered Naru to confront a world that doubted her capabilities while simultaneously presenting a narrative about the Predator’s conflict with humanity. This perspective significantly revitalized fans’ interest in the franchise, and a sequel featuring Midthunder as Naru would certainly be a thrilling spectacle. As hinted in Midthunder’s response to Nemiroff, there are numerous untold stories in Naru’s universe that we’re excited to explore.

Watch the complete interview with Midthunder below:

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