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Recent ‘Nimona’ Clip Showcases the Spectacular Journey from Book to Film

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The long-awaited adaptation of Nimona has finally been brought to life by Netflix, following several years of setbacks and a near permanent shelving. The film is based on the graphic novel by ND Stevenson, telling the story of Ballister Boldheart (Riz Ahmed), a falsely accused knight who aligns himself with a shapeshifting character, Nimona (Chloë Grace Moretz), in an attempt to prove his innocence. Crucial to any adaptation is to maintain a delicate balance between original content and novel elements, a task successfully achieved by Nimona. A recently released video from Netflix juxtaposes scenes from the book with their cinematic counterparts, showcasing the direct adaptations.


Nimona, true to its protagonist, has morphed dramatically in its transformation from text to celluloid. Yet, numerous iconic sequences from the book were faithfully translated to the screen. The clip commences with Nimona and Ballister’s initial encounter, sparked off by Nimona’s iconic “Hey, boss.” A number of Nimona and Ballister’s experiences remain consistent (though elaborated), such as her shapeshifting into a rhino and shark, their board game evenings, and Ballister nursing Nimona following an arrow injury and as she sleeps.

The clip also provides a glimpse of sequences that aren’t entirely focused on Nimona and Ballister. For instance, a clandestine conversation between Ballister and Ambrosius Goldenloin (Eugene Lee Yang) is featured, where they discuss unfolding events. While some details have been altered, the film retains many core elements of the graphic novel. Moreover, the film keeps the dramatic assault on the city square, where Institute knights apprehend Ballister, adding a film-specific nod for extra flair.

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What Differed in the Nimona Film Adaptation?

Among the most significant shifts in the film is the context surrounding Ballister’s exile from the kingdom. In the film, he is falsely accused of murdering the Queen, while the graphic novel depicts his endeavor to reveal a wider conspiracy within the Institution. Nimona’s backstory is slightly expanded in the film, shedding light on her relationship with the kingdom’s idol, Gloreth — a character introduced solely in the movie. Furthermore, the romance between Ballister and Ambrosius is explicitly displayed in the film, punctuated by declarations of love and a kiss, while the graphic novel hints at their relationship more subtly.

The directorial reins of Nimona were held by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane, with the script penned by Robert L. Baird and Lloyd Taylor. The production team included Karen Ryan and Julie Zackary, and Stevenson served as a co-producer. The voice cast also featured Frances Conroy, Lorraine Toussaint, Julio Torres, Beck Bennett, Indya Moore, and RuPaul Charles.

Nimona is now available for streaming on Netflix. Watch the book-to-film comparison below:

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