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‘Rosemary’s Baby’ Haunts with 4K Blu-ray Release

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Horror enthusiasts have much to celebrate in 2023 as a plethora of genre classics, including “People Under the Stairs” and the Chucky sequels, have made their terrifying leap to 4K. Joining the eerie gathering is the highly anticipated arrival of “Rosemary’s Baby” in haunting 4K format for the first time this September.


Dawn of the Disc’s Twitter page announces the exciting news, leaving horror fans eagerly awaiting further details. It remains uncertain whether the 4K release will be handled directly by Paramount or become part of the esteemed Criterion Collection. Although the latter previously released the film on Blu-ray in 2012 (now out of print), the exquisite special edition suggests Criterion may eventually undertake the 4K restoration. The label has demonstrated its dedication to the horror genre, having released “Night of the Living Dead” in 4K last year and the underrated modern gem “La Llorona” on Blu-ray earlier this year.

Synopsis of “Rosemary’s Baby”

Adapted from Ira Levin’s 1967 novel, the film is directed by Roman Polanski and follows the story of Rosemary and Guy, a young couple who move into a New York City apartment. As Guy pursues an acting career and Rosemary longs to conceive, the couple’s lives take a sinister turn when Rosemary becomes pregnant. Her world descends into paranoia as strange occurrences and the unnervingly pleasant nature of her neighbors reveal a dark history connected to her building. As the impending birth approaches, Rosemary’s baby may be in grave danger.

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The Complex Legacy of “Rosemary’s Baby”

Discussions surrounding “Rosemary’s Baby” present challenges due to two key factors. Firstly, the controversy surrounding director Roman Polanski, who pled guilty to raping a minor and subsequently fled the country in 1978, remaining a fugitive to this day.

Setting that disturbing fact aside, it is also difficult to delve into the film without divulging its ending. Released in 1968, “Rosemary’s Baby” arrived at the inception of the satanic panic era, five years before “The Exorcist” would redefine horror. Even now, the film stands as one of the most terrifying of all time. Whether it’s the thick atmosphere, Mia Farrow’s brilliantly chilling performance, or the shocking twist finale, “Rosemary’s Baby” continues to haunt even the most seasoned horror aficionados.

The film’s exploration of dark motherhood themes, the evocative New York setting, and the pervasive sense of paranoia all contribute to the indescribable dread present in this groundbreaking 1960s masterpiece. It is an experience that transcends genre, demanding attention from all who wish to delve into its uniquely twisted terror. Prepare to sleep with the lights on and trust no one for a considerable time.

Release Date for “Rosemary’s Baby” in 4K

Mark your calendars for September 6, 2023, as the tentative release date for “Rosemary’s Baby” on 4K Blu-ray. This spine-chilling offering arrives just in time to infuse your Halloween season with terror. Alternatively, you can stream the film on Pluto TV. Check out the trailer for “Rosemary’s Baby” below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about horror

When will “Rosemary’s Baby” be released on 4K Blu-ray?

The tentative release date for “Rosemary’s Baby” on 4K Blu-ray is September 6, 2023, just in time for the spooky Halloween season.

Is “Rosemary’s Baby” part of the Criterion Collection?

While it is unclear whether the 4K release will be handled by Paramount directly or be a part of the Criterion Collection, considering the previous special edition release by Criterion on Blu-ray, it is safe to assume that Criterion may undertake the 4K restoration at some point.

Who directed “Rosemary’s Baby”?

“Rosemary’s Baby” was directed by Roman Polanski.

What is the premise of “Rosemary’s Baby”?

“Rosemary’s Baby” follows a young couple, Rosemary and Guy, as they move into a New York City apartment. As Rosemary becomes pregnant, strange occurrences and the unsettling nature of her neighbors reveal a dark history connected to her building, plunging her into a world of paranoia and potential danger for her unborn child.

Is “Rosemary’s Baby” considered a classic horror film?

Yes, “Rosemary’s Baby” is widely regarded as one of the scariest films of all time. Its thick atmosphere, brilliant performances, and shocking twist ending continue to captivate and terrify audiences, making it a classic in the horror genre.

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