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Salvador Dali’s Final Performance: Ben Kingsley in ‘Dalíland’ Trailer

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Salvador Dalí is one of the most famous and iconic artists of the last century, but a lot of people don’t know his life story. A trailer has just been released for the new movie, “Dalíland” which stars Ben Kingsley as Salvador Dalí and was directed by Mary Harron.

Dalíland is about the famed painter Salvador Dalí and his wife Gala (Barbara Sukowa) in 1974. The film follows James, played by Christopher Briney from “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” an assistant who was given the task of helping Dalí not only make sure he completes his paintings for an upcoming art gallery show but also to get a glimpse into their chaotic yet eccentric world. However, this movie is more than that as it dives deeper into the last years of the marriage between these two legendary figures. Directors Harron and Kingsley compared it to looking at a relationship under a microscope or analyzing its downfall.

The new movie trailer shows some of the wild things that James did with artist Salvador Dalí. This includes him drinking, dancing and even painting people’s bums onto a canvas! The trailer also looks at how Dalí faced problems in his life including money issues & marital troubles. It stars Rupert Graves, Suki Waterhouse, Andreja Pejic and Ezra Miller.

Check out the new pictures of Ben Kingsley and Ezra Miller dressed up as famous painter Salvador Dali! They look so surreal!

Explore the Famous Life of Salvador Dalí in Dalíland, Directed by Harron!

Harron is the director of Dalíland who made some excellent movies already, like American Psycho and I Shot Andy Warhol. She also worked on popular tv shows such as OZ, Six Feet Under, and Big Love. The movie was co-written by John C. Walsh and is set to be released in theaters and online on June 9th, 2023. Check out the trailer if you want to learn more about it!

“DALÍLAND, starring Ben Kingsley as Salvador Dalí, tells the story of a famous 20th century artist and his marriage to his wife Gala (Barbara Sukowa). As they struggle to stay together and their bond starts deteriorating, the movie is set in New York and Spain in 1974. James (Christopher Briney), who wants to be an artist, is seen helping Dalí prepare for a gallery exhibit.”

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